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Design your in-game economy with the leading dollar digital currency

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Reach more players, deepen engagement and position your gaming platform for growth

As crypto gaming evolves and grows more mainstream, you need scalable, stable-value solutions that can help you innovate your user experience to attract and retain players and developers. Circle can securely bridge the gap between traditional banking systems and many of the world’s leading blockchains, so you can embed payments and design a dynamic in-game economy while diversifying your treasury holdings.

$314 billion

Expected value of the global gaming market in 20261


90-day retention rate across the first play-to-earn ecosystem2

How we do it

Your free Circle Account and our leading API suite are the fastest, easiest way to access USDC, the world’s most trusted dollar digital currency. All working together and enabling powerful new ways for you to reach new customers, create delightful user experiences and optimize excess funds. Our infrastructure allows you to design a scalable gaming economy for both players and developers. 


Expand your player community beyond borders

Offer ownership of in-game assets and their surrounding ecosystem and increase stickiness and retention for your player community. Our Payments API enables players to purchase skins, other gaming tokens and NFTs using crypto payments denominated in USDC, BTC and ETH. And our Accounts API allows you to easily create and manage accounts for participants in your gaming ecosystem, so you can customize your own marketplace experience.


Easily pay out funds to anyone

Send fast, automatic payments to gamers, contributors and guilds and deepen their connections with your gaming platform. Our Payouts API lets you automate payment workflows and broadens your reach through our supported blockchains. We can help you reach almost any player, anywhere.

Balance growth and security in your treasury

Position your gaming platform for long term growth by building your in-game assets with USDC, the most trusted dollar digital currency.

The new standard for global business

USDC flows seamlessly across many of the world’s leading blockchains and is widely used by wallets, exchanges, protocols and apps throughout this transformative internet layer. Leveraging USDC, you can offer players and developers a stable foundation to transact within your gaming economy. 

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3 BTC and ETH support coming soon