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Digital dollars like USDC, also known as payment stablecoins, are helping to evolve the U.S. dollar for the internet. Hear from our executive team on how this new form of currency can drastically improve global access to dollars while making payments nearly instant and zero cost.

Latest executive insights

Payment Stablecoins Support the Dollar and U.S. Economic Competitiveness

The demand for secure dollars on the internet is growing. Payment stablecoin regulation can protect and foster U.S. dollar competitiveness. Learn more.

Jeremy Allaire

Co-Founder, CEO & Chairman of the Board

Payment Stablecoin Policy Principles

U.S. policymakers must act now on stablecoin policy. Circle’s policy principles reflect experience operating USDC, the world’s leading dollar digital currency.

Dante Disparte

Chief Strategy Officer & Head of Global Policy

The Convergence of
 Money and the Internet

Digital currencies and blockchains represent a major evolution in money and the internet. Learn how Circle helps businesses prepare for this shift.

Jeremy Fox-Geen

Chief Financial Officer

Kash Razzaghi

Chief Business Officer

The New Global Operating System for Money

We’re on the brink of the next phase of the internet as more businesses and institutions begin exploring the benefits of enterprise-grade blockchains.

Li Fan

Chief Technology Officer

Nikhil Chandhok

Chief Product Officer

Elisabeth Carpenter

Chief Operating Officer

How Fintechs and Neobanks Can Unleash the Power of Stablecoins

Fintech builders can use open-source digital currencies like USDC to power payment rails and financial settlements. Find out how from Circle executives.

Jeff Lennox

Senior Director, Enterprise Business Development

Sandra Persing

Vice President, Product and Developer Marketing

Bringing Dollar Digital Currency to Asia’s Financial Infrastructure

Hear from Circle executives on how the issuer of USDC is bringing dollar digital currency to Asia’s financial infrastructure. Read now!

Raagulan Pathy

Vice President, Business Development, Asia Pacific & CEO Circle Singapore

Yam Ki Chan

Vice President, Strategy and Policy, Asia Pacific

Driving Global Impact with USDC and Stablecoin Payments

Learn how USDC and stablecoin payments can help NGOs and aid organizations drive impact around the world.

Caroline Hill

Senior Director, Global Policy & Regulatory Strategy

Latin America Embraces Digital Finance and the Next Internet Era

Stablecoins are powering interoperability in financial services and “Web3” for LatAm fintechs and developers. See how in our latest Executive Insights piece.

Spencer Spinnell

VP, Americas

Rachel Mayer

VP, Product

African Markets Exemplify Financial Interoperability

Circle's Jeremy Fox-Geen and AZA Finance's Elizabeth Rossiello explore how blockchains and the USDC stablecoin can power interoperability. Learn more.

Elizabeth Rossiello

Founder & CEO, AZA Finance

Jeremy Fox-Geen

Chief Financial Officer, Circle

Stablecoins, Blockchains, and the Future of Global Commerce

Circle's Jeremy Fox-Geen and Rene Michau from Standard Chartered explain how stablecoins can power the next wave of global commerce. Learn more.

Rene Michau

Head of Digital Assets
Standard Chartered

Jeremy Fox-Geen

Chief Financial Officer

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