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Circle Ventures supports founders and teams who are dedicated to open access, financial inclusion and programmable commerce that can help fuel global economic prosperity.

What Makes Us Different

Fueling innovation & global expansion

Circle Ventures forms early-stage partnerships with companies who want to build for the long term. Founders get access to much more than capital. We also deliver go-to-market strategy with our stablecoin infrastructure, expertise to help you explore product synergies and collaboration with Circle, and access to our growing community of leading crypto founders, operators and investors.

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Drive to build

We are builders who take pride in nurturing an ecosystem of founders and investors who want to collaboratively design the next iteration of the internet. Our founders build on Circle’s resources to break down technology and culture barriers to design scalable blockchain infrastructure, on-chain financial primitives, and programmable commerce.

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We carefully evaluate potential portfolio companies for a strong fit with our broader goals. In addition to capital, founders can draw on our network of experts for mentorship and strategic advice across marketing, revenue, product and other aspects of your business.

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Circle enables founders to build with confidence. Our strong regulatory relationships around the world put your business on a solid footing to grow with our platform. We’ve pioneered USDC under a regulatory framework that helps our ecosystem build with confidence, and at scale.

Our Ecosystem

Finding, funding and nurturing the next wave of forward-thinking founders

Circle Ventures is a community that can open doors and help you unlock potential. Each founder is a crucial member of our powerful, collaborative community that fosters growth across the USDC and crypto ecosystems.

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Blackbird is a web3 loyalty and payments company.

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Dynamic is your multi-chain wallet-based authentication and authorization platform.



Magna is building token distribution software for Web3.



The corporate card designed for the next generation of web3 teams.

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A boundless platform to build rich and dynamic on-chain assets.

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The communications protocol for web3.


We are excited about working with Circle Ventures to help enable people everywhere to more freely connect and have access to global markets.”

Tope Alabi

Founder, Afriex

Circle Ventures portfolio company


Circle is not only a crypto-native company but is also a leader in secure and performant technology solutions, particularly around treasury and cash management, which made them the most optimal fit for our fund.”

Joe McCann

Founder, Asymmetric

Circle Ventures portfolio company


Working with the whole Circle Ventures team has been incredible. From smart contract audit referrals to product flow feedback, the Circle Ventures team has become an integral part of our journey.”

Solène Schwartz

Co-founder, Mammoth Media

Circle Ventures portfolio company


Our portfolio leverages USDC extensively to design web3 applications that scale. Investing with Circle Ventures enables access to the Circle platform and a group of builders and investors that believe in the same future as us.”

Haseeb Qureshi

Managing Partner, Dragonfly Capital


Circle is an invaluable ally for companies innovating at the frontier of money movement.”

Amr Shady

CEO, Tribal Credit

Circle Ventures portfolio company


Partnering with Circle Ventures was an obvious and thrilling opportunity to deepen our connection with the team at Circle, while also providing a philanthropic institution for Circle Impact to leverage as it pursues its charitable goals.”

Robbie Heager

Founder, Endaoment.org

Circle Ventures portfolio company


Circle Ventures made it easier to scale faster and build our business on USDC.”

Sam Thapaliya

Founder, Zebec

Circle Ventures portfolio company

Our Investing Partners

Broadening access to capital & community

We partner with leading investors across the crypto ecosystem, giving our founders access to broader pools of capital and ideas.

Our Thinking: Perimeter

Delivering insights that help builders thrive

Circle Ventures is on the leading edge of the open internet economy. Our blog, Perimeter, is dedicated to sharing industry insights from our community.


Founder Q&A with Aleksei Zakharov of Ottr Finance


Founder Q&A with Pedro Gomes of WalletConnect


Founder Q&A with Farooq and Charles of Rain


We back blockchain infrastructure, middleware and applications that catalyze the next wave of the Web3 economy, powered by digital currencies like USDC. Whether you’re building an innovative Layer 1, a scaling solution, financial markets infrastructure or a payments app, we’d love to hear about it.

We try to get in at the earliest stage, but don’t shy away from companies with experience and traction. We are here to advise and help with go-to-market (GTM), product strategy and infrastructure to build your business. We typically invest in companies with a product that is already out in the market.

We are really excited about building a community of founders, investors and partners to collectively accelerate crypto adoption and innovation. As a founder, you can expect us to connect you with our ecosystem and our product and GTM teams, with enhanced access to our products and services.

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