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Access USDC and EURC straight from the source

Your Circle Account is the most direct way to mint USDC and EURC. Enable automatic transactions with Express for near-instant settlements with connected banks, or transfer between fiat and USDC using traditional wires.

Manage funds securely

Add efficiency with a multi-user digital asset management platform and custody provided by Circle. Manage transaction approvals using the secure Circle Authenticator app.

  • Initiate transfers: This permission enables users to initiate transfers from the wallet and approve changes to the policy.
  • Approve transactions: This permission enables users to approve transfers, based on which approval step they are assigned to.


anywhere, anytime

Use the Circle Authenticator app to approve operations initiated from your Circle Account. Set transaction limits, assign roles and permissions, and establish approval policies and thresholds.

Who is using a Circle Account?

Businesses across industries use the Circle Account to access the growing digital asset economy.

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