Access USDC
almost instantly

Your Circle Account is the most direct way to mint USDC and put it to work around the world. Connect a bank account and fund it with a wire transfer and transfer funds back to your bank whenever you want.


Power faster, cheaper
on-chain transactions

Send payments to vendors, suppliers, customers and others and connect with customers who want to pay you in digital currency.

Circle Yield

Invest balances in crypto capital markets

Your Circle Account is home to Circle Yield*, a fixed-term investment available to institutional accredited investors that is built on USDC and fully secured and overcollateralized with bitcoin. With Circle Yield, you can earn higher yield than what’s available in traditional financial markets, with less complexity than many other crypto investments.

Who is using a Circle Account?

Businesses across industries use the Circle Account to access the growing digital asset economy.

Build your platform with one portal for payments and treasury

As demand for NFTs skyrockets, crypto-native businesses and large consumer brands can grow their presence across multiple blockchains.  Accept both traditional and crypto payments, deepen connections with customers and creators, and boost returns on idle working capital. 

We worked with real people at Circle who provided us with a complete solution and made it easy for us to offer an amazing experience to both developers and gamers. Circle cares about helping smaller companies find the right solutions.”

Nicholas Longano
CEO of Scuti

Design your in-game economy and expand your community

As crypto gaming takes off, innovate your user experience to attract and retain players and developers.  Design and manage your dynamic in-game economy with dollar digital currency, embed new forms of payment and diversify your treasury holdings.

Many early crypto products required users to jump through a lot of hoops, making them inaccessible to the average gamer. Circle is helping Big Time change that and deliver a true AAA gaming experience that unites crypto with the metaverse.”

Ari Meilich
Co-founder & CEO of Big Time Studios


Pursue opportunities to grow your customer base

Put dollar digital currency to work for your business and your customers. Accelerate your global growth and get customers trading faster by helping them fund their accounts via both crypto and traditional payment channels. 

Circle APIs give us a fast, reliable and trusted infrastructure for connecting customer bank transfers to our new retail products and with seamless settlement into USDC across Ethereum and Solana, FTX.US has the ability to offer the fastest possible experience for crypto investors.”

Sam Bankman-Fried
Founder and CEO of FTX.US

Get fast, easy access to global crypto markets

Circle is your bridge to massive opportunities in digital asset markets. The Circle Account offers the ability to execute faster trades, with express minting and settlement, plus provides access to Circle Yield for accredited investors to earn superior returns on idle USDC balances, along with industry-leading security.

We’ve been extremely impressed with the Circle Account, especially how quick and easy it is to use. Sometimes we send funds in and out and are in and out of the website in less than a minute.”

Ben Duggan
Head of Investor Relations, Berkley Capital

Take your innovation to the next level

Integrate USDC and build with confidence.  Send, receive and transfer dollar digital currency quickly and at lower cost compared to existing payment systems, and securely allocate idle treasury funds into crypto capital markets through Circle Yield for higher returns than many traditional investment vehicles. 

Circle is the way to go for payment solutions where large volumes of payments can be processed 24/7 at minimal transaction cost. We’ve already realized cost and operational efficiency with 50 percent of our transactions. Most importantly, Circle's API-first approach and their seamless integration with blockchains will help Harbor achieve our growth targets as our transaction volume is expected to reach an annual run rate of $300 million by the end of 2022.”

Andy Suen
Harbor, COO

Expand your treasury strategy with a trusted partner

The Circle Account can help you unlock the power of crypto to maximize treasury returns, send and receive near-instant transactions and reach new customers globally— all from a trusted, highly regulated financial institution. 

Our Circle Account gives incredible confidence and control over our investment in Circle Yield. It is easy to use and provides up-to-the-minute status across all of our USDC investments.”

Alex Song
Head of Finance & Capital Markets, Ramp

Settle payments almost instantly and adapt to fast-moving changes

Take advantage of the new world of dollar digital currency, with faster transactional speed, greater global interconnectivity and enhanced transparency into your cash and data flows. Access digital-native transaction rails via a highly regulated institution and dollar digital currency redeemable 1:1 for U.S. dollars.

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