The next generation payments processing solution

We’ve re-imagined processing payments to accept global payments across traditional and blockchain rails in one powerful integration. Open up new markets and drive down costs to your business with payments infrastructure powered by USDC.
Fraud Management

Optimize your payments with our fraud management tools

Intelligent self service tools to help manage fraud in your businesses when accepting card payments through Circle.

Automation & Control

Automate the full payment & treasury workflow

Transfer settled payments funds back to your connected bank account using our payment APIs, or utilize Accounts for keeping treasury and operating funds in a digital form with powerful APIs to automate custom treasury and funds flows.


Intelligent dashboard for all business stakeholders

Central hub for transaction monitoring, settlements, reporting and analytics.

Broad payment 
method acceptance

Let international* customers pay with their preferred payment method from traditional rails like cards, to blockchain rails that span the internet. Embed a unified front end checkout experience that matches your brand’s look and feel and gets you to market quickly. All transactions settle in USDC directly into your Circle Account — where you can convert to a connected bank account or leverage the power of on-chain digital dollars.

Traditional Payments

Your on-ramp into digital dollars

Accept payments and settle directly into USDC.

  • Cards
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay

Digital Assets

Fast, secure & cost efficient

Digital asset payments can settle within minutes from across the globe with zero chargeback risk, and eliminated fees from traditional payment networks. USDC is supported across multiple blockchains that allow for flexibility of speed and adoption across digital ecosystems.

  • USDC
  • BTC**
  • ETH**

**in limited beta.

circle-account CIRCLE ACCOUNT

Developer-first tools

Integrating with Circle is not another legacy payment integration to your codebase, it’s re-imagined payments processing with the developer first in mind. Focus on building customer and product experiences with our production ready tools:

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Transparent pricing for any business model.

API documentation

Get started with our quick start guide on sending payments.
*Please refer here for a full list of supported countries for Payments.