The next generation payments processing solution

We’ve re-imagined processing payments to accept global payments across traditional and blockchain rails in one powerful integration. Open up new markets and drive down costs to your business with payments infrastructure powered by USDC.
  • Card

  • Bank wires

  • Silvergate Exchange Network (SEN)

  • ACH (beta)


Bank wires

Silvergate Exchange Network (SEN)

ACH (beta)

Have the best of both worlds

Accept payments from a card or bank account, and gain efficiency behind the scenes with direct settlement into USDC.

  • USDC


Fast, secure, and irreversible

Payments from USDC-compatible digital wallets settle within minutes with zero chargeback risk, with no currency volatility.

fraud management

Optimize your payments with our fraud management tools

Intelligent self service tools to help manage fraud in your businesses when accepting card payments through Circle.

coming soon

Earn yield on settled payments

Rollover your settled USDC balance to short and medium term high yield interest rate accounts to get more out of your digital dollars.

automation & control

Automate the full payment & treasury workflow

Transfer settled payments funds back to your connected bank account using the API, or utilize Digital Dollar Accounts for keeping treasury and operating funds in a digital form with powerful APIs to automate custom treasury and funds flows.


Intelligent dashboard for all business stakeholders

Central hub for transaction monitoring, settlements, reporting and analytics.


Developer-first tools

Integrating with Circle is not another legacy payment integration to your codebase, it’s re-imagined payments processing with the developer first in mind. Focus on building customer and product experiences with our production ready tools:

Get started in our sandbox

Build what’s next for payments, finance and internet commerce.

Read our API documentation

Find guides and reference documentation to help you integrate with Circle APIs.

Test with our sample application

Test quickly common payment flows and easily explore payload and responsive data.

How it works

Step one

You send us end users’ payment details and initiate a payment request.

Step two

We process the payment on your behalf. Upon settlement, USDC is issued and delivered to your Circle Account, or credits issued to your end user’s wallets.

Step three

You can pay others on-chain, earn yield on settled balances or convert to your bank account at any time.

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How Circle
is used


On- & off-ramps

Grow your user base by enabling global fiat deposits on your product, using USDC for stable and global settlement.

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Use Cases

Global e-commerce payments

From e-commerce, to marketplaces and digital goods businesses, build a fully API-based integration with your own UI to accept card and bank payments for your commerce app or website.

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Learn how your business can benefit from payments in digital dollars

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