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Empowering people and communities with blockchain technology

Our mission

The future of money should include everyone

Focusing on three core pillars to support underserved communities and help drive financial prosperity, Circle Impact supports our mission to rebuild the global financial system with blockchain technology.

Financial Access

We empower a global ecosystem of developers, businesses, and projects that leverage USDC and other Circle services, largely removing the cost and friction of moving money around the world

Digital and Financial Literacy

We collaborate with Historically Black Colleges and Universities in the U.S. (HBCUs), Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs), and other partners to offer digital and financial literacy initiatives

Humanitarian Aid and
Disaster Relief

We empower aid, development and humanitarian interventions worldwide to mobilize faster, corruption-resistant payments using Circle’s digital assets and technology

Our Partners

Circle Impact collaborates with organizations across the private and public sectors to create meaningful change.

Case Studies

Circle Impact in Action

USDC: A safer, more effective way to distribute humanitarian aid

Powering Humanitarian Aid & Disaster Relief

Collecting funds to support displaced people around the world is only half the battle. The other half is delivering it to people in need – no matter where they are. UNHCR + the UN Refugee Agency are turning to USDC, running on the Stellar blockchain. Eliminating the need for those fleeing instability to carry cash, credit or debit cards – aid recipients can access vital support via a Vibrant digital wallet – and exchange their USDC for local currency at any MoneyGram location.

Bypassing a dictatorship to deliver aid to millions in Venezuela

Powering Humanitarian Aid & Disaster Relief

In the height of the pandemic, front-line medical workers in Venezuela lacked access to critical medical supplies and equipment while suffering from the impacts of hyperinflation, international isolation and sanctions, and economic collapse.

In collaboration with the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and U.S.-based fintech innovator Airtm, and in coordination with the U.S. government, Circle was able to put in place an aid disbursement pipeline that leveraged the power of USDC to bypass the controls imposed by Maduro over the domestic financial system, and put millions of dollars of funds into the hands of healthcare workers fighting for the health and safety of the people of Venezuela.

Simplifying peer-to-peer payments between U.S. and Mexico

Cultivating Financial Inclusion

For millions of individuals and families, the ability to send and receive money between the U.S. and Mexico is a lifeline. In 2020 alone, cross-border remittances increased 10% – reaching over $40B. Yet despite the vital importance of remittances, traditional methods of sending and receiving money are slow and expensive. Circle’s APIs + USDC + Bitso (the largest crypto exchange in Latin America) are making it easier, faster and more secure for Mexican residents to send and receive cross-border payments using blockchain technology.

Digital Financial Literacy with Circle University

Circle University is a crypto education course available to academic institutions and partner organizations interested in catalyzing crypto literacy.

Circle Impact partnered with select Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCUs) and other academic institutions as part of their Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 curriculums.

Xavier UL
Bowie State

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