Solution: Cross-border payments

Global payments reimagined

Enable low-cost money transfers to more countries so you can save your customers money and still grow your margins.

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USDC enables 35% average savings for global businesses paying contractors in emerging markets.

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International remittances

USDC enables low-cost, instant P2P remittances from the US to Mexico via WhatsApp.

P2P payments

USDC facilitates customers sending money across the African continent for free.

Marketplace Payouts

USDC enables marketplaces to orchestrate international payouts.

Say goodbye to high-cost, slow settlement

How does sending USDC via blockchain compare to using SWIFT and correspondent banks?

More competitive rates, faster payments, and a better experience for your customers.

Rapid Settlement

Payments settle near instantly, 24/7, including on nights and weekends

Constrained to local business hours


No Intermediaries

Money is directly transferred from the sender to the receiver

Transferred through multiple, fee-charging correspondent banks

Full Visibility

The sender has full visibility into where their money is at all times

No visibility into money in transit

Currency Optionality

The receiver can keep their funds in USDC or convert it to local currency

Holding only local currency

Circle solutions for cross-border payments



The regulated and widely used digital currency you can always exchange 1:1 for US dollars.

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Circle Mint

The fastest, most cost-effective way to convert dollars to USDC and from USDC back to local currency.

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Programmable Wallets

An easy way to embed secure wallets into your app to enable your users to send and receive USDC.

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How to Build Cross-Border Payments Solution with Circle USDC

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Regulated digital currency you can always exchange 1:1 for US dollars.


Reserve composition and monthly attestations publicly available.


Widely used on popular exchanges and available natively on 15+ blockchains.

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