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Digital dollars your customers can trust

Elevate your crypto finance app by integrating the world’s most widely used regulated stablecoin.

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USDC is a preferred dollar stablecoin used on the largest U.S.-based cryptocurrency exchange.

DeFi Protocol

USDC facilitates loans to businesses in emerging markets.

Lending App

USDC serves as efficient short-term working capital for remittance businesses.

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Focus on growth, not risk

USDC is a safe, straightforward alternative to unregulated, opaque stablecoins.

Safer custody

Fully backed by liquid reserves held at leading financial institutions

Opaque reserve management


Reserves verified monthly by a Big Four accounting firm

Less reliable, off-shore auditors

Wide Adoption

The dominant stablecoin used in decentralized finance

Stablecoins that institutional investors can’t trust

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Low-Cost Availability

Near instant fee-free liquidity through Circle Mint*

Expensive or difficult-to-access liquidity



Expand access to crypto capital markets

Circle can provide what you need to incorporate USDC into your exchange, DeFi protocol, consumer finance app, or other application.


Access USDC

Use Circle Mint for fee-free, near-instant access to USDC 24/7

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Amplify growth

Drive customer adoption with co-marketing and growth campaigns in partnership with Circle

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Embed wallets

Provide user-friendly USDC custody and transactions for your users with our wallet as a service product, Programmable Wallets

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*Circle Mint account users are automatically enrolled in the standard redemption feature. With standard redemption, it’s free to burn up to $15M/day; a fee of .1% will be charged for redemptions greater than $15M. Standard redemption burn transactions will be processed by Circle near-instantly. Circle Mint account users who opt-in to the basic redemption option will not be charged a fee to burn regardless of the transaction amount.  With basic redemption, burn transactions will be processed by Circle within two (2) business days.  For more details, please refer to the Help Center.