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Discover the power of USDC and Euro Coin – and build your business for the future. Take the first step with a Circle Account.

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A financial system that’s always open for business

USDC and Euro Coin move at the speed and convenience of the internet. Transcend borders, avoid bank hours, processing times and costly fees. Build your business with digital currency and accelerate your global growth.

Transparency & Stability

Built to a higher standard

We are committed to transparency and stability in everything we do. From welcoming clear regulation, to valuing engagement with policymakers and sharing detailed reports on how our stablecoins are backed - we are leading a more responsible, stable future for crypto.

Your Starting Place for USDC

A one-stop-shop for managing digital currency

We want managing digital currency to be as easy as possible. Our free and easy-to-use Circle Account lets your business get started with our full suite of payment, treasury and liquidity solutions.


A platform for your business’ growth

Program Payments

Use USDC to transcend borders and help avoid delays – 24/7 and at lower costs than traditional payment systems.

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Manage Treasury

Store your digital currency and pay business partners. Manage funds in sub-accounts and extend your business on-chain.

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Access Liquidity

Get access to stablecoins, so you can access crypto capital markets in the moment, or provide liquidity for your platform.

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Build with Web3 Services

Work with a suite of Web3 developer tools designed to make building on blockchain easy.

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About Circle

Creating a more connected financial world

Circle is transforming the way money moves to make it more accessible, inclusive, and efficient — increasing economic opportunity and prosperity around the globe.


Harness the power of Web3 at scale

Through our recent acquisition of CYBAVO, Circle now provides even more digital asset management solutions to organizations of all sizes.

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world-class ecosystem

Leading businesses choose Circle. Working together, we’ll help you use USDC and Euro Coin to reach new customers, enhance experiences and grow your business.


Grow your reach globally using Circle’s powerful suite of API solutions and the network built on USDC and Euro Coin.

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Wallet developers, exchanges, and custodians can take advantage of USDC’s availability on a growing roster of public blockchains.

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Join payment and technology companies building out capabilities and a global, fast, inexpensive and secure payments network, powered by USDC and Euro Coin.

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Empowering developers to build better experiences

Build with our stablecoin platform and open-source APIs. Integrate wallets, payments and decentralized identity into your experience and scale your business on the blockchain. Now, with Circle’s recent acquisition of CYBAVO, our customers can access all this, and more.

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