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Flexible, secure wallet infrastructure for blockchain use cases. Create in-app wallets for global users and facilitate commerce at enterprise scale.

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Benefits of Programmable Wallets

Build on blockchain without the complexity and embed wallets tailored to your app.

Accelerated time to market

Use REST APIs and SDKs in your preferred language to create and launch in-app wallets in hours not weeks. No need to learn Solidity or Rust.

Mainstream user experience

Provide users with fast and familiar login methods like email and social. Leverage our Gas Station feature to abstract away transaction fees.

Flexible custody models

Give users control over their funds with user-controlled wallets, or securely manage on their behalf with developer-controlled wallets.

Institutional-grade security

Deliver in-app wallets secured by multi-party computation (MPC) key management and help protect funds from unauthorized access.

Integrate with just a few lines of code

Its easy to build in-app wallets with REST APIs in any language. Create and configure a set of wallets, then seamlessly deploy across multiple blockchains.


import { initiateDeveloperControlledWalletsClient } from '@circle-fin/developer-controlled-wallets' const walletsResponse = await client.createWallets({ blockchains: ["ETH-SEPOLIA", "MATIC-AMOY", "AVAX-FUJI", "SOL-DEVNET"], count: 1, walletSetId: "c4d1da72-111e-4d52-bdbf-2e74a2d803d5", });

from circle.web3 import developer_controlled_wallets # Create the payload using the SDK's request model payload = developer_controlled_wallets.CreateWalletRequest.from_dict({ "accountType": "SCA", "blockchains": ["ETH-SEPOLIA", "MATIC-AMOY", "AVAX-FUJI", "SOL-DEVNET"], "count": 1, "walletSetId": "c4d1da72-111e-4d52-bdbf-2e74a2d803d5" })

Additional libraries

Circle also offers client-side SDKs for web, iOS, Android, and React Native.

Learn more

Start building with Programmable Wallets

Access an interactive environment with sample code to begin testing in minutes.

Free to launch, pay-as-you-grow

Start building immediately. No upfront fees or contract negotiations.


Receive reduced fee tiers as you scale. Learn more.

Monthly active wallets
Price Each
First 1,000 Free every month
Next 4,000 $0.050/ea
Next 5,000 $0.047/ea
Next 15,000 $0.040/ea
Next 25,000 $0.035/ea
Next 50,000 $0.030/ea
Next 150,000 $0.025/ea
Over 250,001 $0.020/ea


All-in-one Console

Access the tools you need to provision and manage your wallet deployments with confidence. Manage API keys, analyze usage metrics, view transaction logs, and more all from one dashboard.

console-dashboard console-dashboard-m

Infrastructure options

Choose from user-controlled or developer-controlled key ownership models based on your customers’ requirements. In parallel, securely manage your internal treasury operations.

Multiple account types

Configure EVM-compatible externally-owned accounts (EOAs), smart contract accounts (SCAs), and Solana user accounts all within the same user experience.

Programmable payments

Use Smart Contract Platform to deliver subscription payments, global payouts, and interactive wallet experiences in your app. Connect your users to DeFi and more.

Gas abstraction

Tap into Gas Station, an easy way to sponsor transaction fees for your users. Set custom policies per blockchain and avoid needing to source native tokens like ETH, MATIC, or SOL.

Testnet tokens

With Testnet Faucet, you can generate free testnet tokens on-demand to experiment with funds flows in your app. Compatible with both native tokens and stablecoins like USDC and EURC.

Fully managed nodes

Leverage Circle-managed blockchain nodes to facilitate high volume transactions for users worldwide.

Supported blockchains

Build once and seamlessly deploy across multiple blockchains.

Looking for another blockchain? Explore Wallet Signing Service to request support for your own nodes.

grab crypto
Through Programmable Wallets, Circle helped us meet the high bar our consumers have for our app.”

Michelle Chou, Product Manager, Grab

Trusted by large global enterprises and crypto-native startups

Start building today

Go from idea to production in hours not weeks.


Anyone can sign up for Circle’s wallet as a service offering and begin building immediately. Get started for free here.

With Programmable Wallets, your first 1,000 Monthly Active Wallets are free every month. Receive reduced fee tiers on wallet pricing as you scale. Learn more.

No, you don’t need Circle Mint to use our wallet as a service offering. Get started by creating a free account for Programmable Wallets.

Note: Circle Mint is an institutional on/off-ramp service with limited availability only for large-scale enterprises and financial institutions.

You’ll be charged per API call on a pay-as-you-go basis and billed in monthly arrears.

These charges only apply to smart contracts deployed to mainnet (e.g. Ethereum mainnet, Polygon PoS mainnet, etc.), and includes both on-chain calls (i.e. smart contract interaction) and off-chain calls (i.e. retrieving analytics). Learn more.

User-controlled: Enable end users to sign transactions directly and maintain control over their funds. Ideal for businesses with crypto-native end users. See docs.

Developer-controlled: Sign transactions and custody funds for internal operations or on behalf of end users. Ideal for businesses with mainstream end users. See docs.

Both types can be created as externally-owned accounts (EOAs) or smart contract accounts (SCAs).

Multi-party computation (MPC) is a form of cryptographic encryption that splits up a private key into unique components that can be distributed across multiple parties. This helps protect against accidental or unauthorized misuse of funds.

Monthly active wallet (MAW): a wallet address created with Programmable Wallets that has conducted an on-chain transaction within the month period, such as initial wallet creation or sending or receiving funds.

USDC monthly active wallet (USDC MAW): a wallet address that has held at least 10 USDC at all times within the month period and has conducted an on-chain transaction, such as initial wallet creation or sending or receiving funds.

Gas Station supports smart contract accounts (SCAs) on Ethereum and Polygon PoS, and externally-owned accounts (EOAs) on Solana. 

Ethereum and Polygon PoS: As Circle utilizes ERC-4337, Gas Station only works with SCAs that have been created with Programmable Wallets.

Solana: As Solana is not an EVM-compatible blockchain and does not support SCAs, Circle leverages the feePayer variable to enable transaction fee sponsorship. Gas Station only supports EOAs created with Programmable Wallets.

Yes, Gas Station charges will include the cost of the network gas fees that you’ve sponsored in USD plus a 5% fee on that cost, and the application of local taxes. Learn more.

Services are provided by Circle Technology Services, LLC (“CTS”). Services do not include financial, investment, tax, legal, regulatory, accounting, business, or other advice. CTS is only a provider of software and related technology and is not engaged in any regulated money transmission activity in connection with the services it provides. For additional details, please click here to see the Circle Developer terms of service.