Smart Contract Platform Beta

Smart contracts made effortless

End-to-end tooling for creating, deploying, and managing smart contracts. Access a curated library of security-audited templates and get to market fast.

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Benefits of Smart Contract Platform

Design and integrate any smart contract to introduce new functionality and interactive user experiences to your app.

Tokenize real-world assets

Create fungible and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to represent assets such as currencies, commodities, real estate, and more on the blockchain.

Secure DeFi connectivity

Build direct integrations with popular decentralized finance (DeFi) apps to surface trading, borrowing, and lending services in your app.

Increased customer loyalty

Engage customers in new and unique ways with collectible NFTs and loyalty point programs that enable cross-brand collaborations.

Accelerated time to market

Customize, test, and launch smart contracts with production-ready templates. No need to learn blockchain programming languages like Solidity or Rust.

Easily integrate with pre-built templates

Select from our curated library of security-audited, low-code templates to quickly customize and add new functionality to your app.

Available templates to deploy


Distribute digital assets to your users for customer loyalty programs, marketing promotions, and community building.


Create and manage fungible tokens for your business. Great for asset tokenization, corporate governance, community rewards, and more.


Design unique sets of digital assets known as non-fungible tokens. Great for asset tokenization, token-gated commerce, IP provenance, and more.


Create and manage both fungible (ERC-20) and non-fungible (NFT) tokens in one contract. Great for customer engagement and gaming use cases.

Start building with Smart Contract Platform

Access an interactive environment with sample code to begin testing in minutes.

Free to launch, pay-as-you-grow

Start building immediately. No upfront fees or contract negotiations.


Receive reduced fee tiers as you scale. Learn more.

Monthly API Calls
Price Each
First 25,000 Free every month
Next 75,000 $0.00050/ea
Next 150,000 $0.00045/ea
Next 250,000 $0.00040/ea
Next 500,000 $0.00035/ea
Next 500,000 $0.00031/ea
Next 500,000 $0.00028/ea
Over 2,000,001 $0.00025/ea


All-in-one Console

Access the tools and resources you need to provision and manage the full lifecycle of your smart contract deployments. Explore smart contract functions, manage API keys, analyze usage metrics, and more all from one dashboard.

console-dashboard console-dashboard-m

Ready-made templates

Select from our production-ready template library to rapidly deploy smart contracts for asset tokenization, payment automation, and more with confidence.

Multiple contract types

Configure multiple smart contract types, including EVM-compatible contracts like ERC-20, ERC-721, and ERC-1155. Solana programs coming soon.

Wallet integration

Use Programmable Wallets to create secure wallet infrastructure for your smart contract deployments. Spin up wallets for both user-facing apps and internal operations.

Gas abstraction

Tap into Gas Station, an easy way to sponsor transaction fees for your users. Set custom policies per blockchain and avoid needing to source native tokens like ETH or MATIC.

Testnet tokens

With Testnet Faucet, generate free testnet tokens on-demand to experiment with funds flows in your app. Compatible with both native tokens and stablecoins like USDC and EURC.

Fully managed nodes

Facilitate high volume, enterprise-scale transactions for users worldwide, without the hassle of integrating with node service providers or running your own nodes.

Supported blockchains

Build once and seamlessly deploy across multiple blockchains. Support for Solana coming soon.

Looking for another blockchain? Reach out to us on Discord to share feedback.

Start building today

Go from idea to production in hours not weeks.


Anyone can sign up for Smart Contract Platform and begin building immediately. Your first 25,000 API calls per month are free. Get started here.

See more information about pricing tiers here.

No, you don’t need Circle Mint to use Smart Contract Platform. Get started by creating a free account.

Note: Circle Mint is an institutional on/off-ramp service with limited availability only for large-scale enterprises and financial institutions.

You’ll be charged per API call on a pay-as-you-go basis and billed in monthly arrears. Your first 25,000 API calls per month are always free.

These charges only apply to smart contracts deployed to mainnet (e.g. Ethereum mainnet, Polygon PoS mainnet, etc.), and includes both on-chain calls (i.e. smart contract interaction) and off-chain calls (i.e. retrieving analytics). Learn more.

Programmable Wallets and Smart Contract Platform application programming interface (“API”) is offered by Circle Technology Services, LLC (“CTS”). CTS is not a regulated financial services company and the API does not include financial, investment, tax, legal, regulatory, accounting, business, or other advice. For additional details, please click here to see the Circle Developer terms of service.