Smart Contract Platform Beta

Building with smart contracts made effortless

Integrate smart contracts into your app in minutes, and deploy in a few clicks. Use one interface to manage all your smart contracts and deliver on-chain functionality in a simple, intuitive way.


Supercharge your wallets

Create innovative experiences with NFTs, DeFi protocols, USDC, and more. Add more functionality to your wallets by integrating any smart contract.

Increase loyalty and customer engagement

Build new, unique experiences to engage with customers and increase loyalty, including NFT drops, loyalty points, or limited tokens that can be exchanged for in-person experiences.

Swap, stake or bridge

Bridge the gap to DeFi by integrating DeFi protocols seamlessly to your apps with embedded smart contracts.

Scale with USDC

Leverage smart contracts to easily enable and manage programmatic USDC transactions like payroll, subscriptions, or payments in your apps.

Built for developers

Bring Web3 interactions to your apps faster


Integrate smart contracts simply via REST APIs

Explore code and functions of any smart contract. With one click, generate the code you need to interact with that contract, so you can embed it right into your application.


Streamline smart contract management

Use one dashboard to manage your smart contracts across chains. Monitor usage, view analytics, and track your smart contracts’ lifecycle.


Accelerate development with templates coming soon

Create and deploy smart contracts for your business or app with ease. Configure and customize audited templates to tailor them to your needs and deploy with confidence and ease of mind.


Build with documentation and support

Build at your pace with robust documentation including API References and Quickstart Guides, or lean on our community for real-time support.

Start building today

Bring the power of smart contracts to the next billion users, and bring your business to life on the blockchain. Now in Beta.

Pricing for Smart Contract Platform

Earn deep discounts as you scale.

Monthly API Calls
Price Each
First 25,000 Free every month
Next 75,000 $0.00050/ea
Next 150,000 $0.00045/ea
Next 250,000 $0.00040/ea
Next 500,000 $0.00035/ea
Next 500,000 $0.00031/ea
Next 500,000 $0.00028/ea
Over 2,000,001 $0.00025/ea

Talk to our team

Have questions? Reach out to our team and we can help you bring the power of blockchain to your app.


Anyone can sign-up to use the Smart Contract Platform. A Programmable Wallet is needed to deploy a smart contract, however any wallet on the blockchain can interact with a deployed smart contract. Support for third-party wallets to deploy contracts is coming soon.

Developers building with Smart Contracts Platform will be charged per API call, on a pay-as-you-go basis, billed in monthly arrears. These calls only apply to projects deployed to Mainnet, and include both on-chain (contract interaction) and off-chain (retrieving analytics) calls. Learn more here.

No, you can sign up for a Web3 Services Developer Console account immediately to start building. The Web3 services account gives you access to Circle’s Programmable Wallets and Smart Contract Platform.

Access via API

Testnet: Ethereum, Polygon

Mainnet: Ethereum, Polygon

Access via UI

Testnet: Ethereum, Polygon

Mainnet: Ethereum, Polygon

Programmable Wallets and Smart Contract Platform application programming interface (“API”) is offered by Circle Technology Services, LLC (“CTS”). CTS is not a regulated financial services company and the API does not include financial, investment, tax, legal, regulatory, accounting, business, or other advice. For additional details, please click here to see the Circle Developer terms of service.