USDC: the world's leading digital dollar stablecoin


Why use a digital dollar stablecoin?

Digital money for the digital age

USD Coin (USDC) represents a major breakthrough in how we use money. Digital dollars work like other digital content — they move at the speed of the internet, can be exchanged in the same way we share content, and are cheaper and more secure than existing payment systems.

Built on standards

USDC is issued by regulated financial institutions, backed by fully reserved assets, redeemable on a 1:1 basis for US dollars, and governed by Centre, a membership-based consortium that sets technical, policy and financial standards for stablecoins.

USDC Institutional Trading Program

Our new program has been designed to meet the needs of high volume trading firms, crypto exchanges and market makers.


The largest stablecoin ecosystem

As an open standard and public smart contract, USDC has rapidly grown the largest stablecoin industry ecosystem in the world. Hundreds of companies, products and services support the USDC standard, including digital wallets, exchanges, DeFi protocols, savings, lending and payment services. USDC is creating value for the entire blockchain ecosystem.

See USDC in action

In real-time, watch USDC payments fly from business to contractor, from person to person, between non-custodial and custodial wallets, with pit stops and conversions into local currencies on the way, and we’ll take a look at a marketplace built on USDC. And a bit of DeFi in the mix to boot. From Boston to London to Seoul to Buenos Aires to Jakarta to Mumbai, here’s the future of how money moves.


Run your business on USDC

Run your business on USDC for a more global, scalable and efficient alternative to traditional banking rails.


Build support for USDC in your applications


Circle APIs

Build the next generation of internet businesses with Circle APIs.

Logos for Ethereum, Algorand, and Solana's layer 1 blockchain.

USDC smart contract

USDC is available as Ethereum ERC-20Algorand ASA, and Solana SPL tokens. Support and integrate the token smart contract with any Ethereum, Algorand and Solana applications.



A open-source, multi-issuer framework and governance consortium for stablecoins.


Financial & operational transparency

Every month, the US dollar reserves for USDC are attested to by top 5 accounting services firm, Grant Thornton LLP. We publish those reports so that you can be confident that USDC is always 100% redeemable for dollars.

Let’s get started

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