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Get more customers using your exchange by offering payment rails they’re familiar with.
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The opportunity

Exchanges accept crypto. People use banks & cards.

Exchanges accepting only cryptocurrencies on their platform are missing out on so many new customers who want to pay with traditional banking systems.

The disconnection between you and how your customers want to pay carries a high cost

of customers say, “I am loyal to certain brands, but as soon as I have a bad experience with them, I move on.”
of customers stop buying from a company because one of their competitors provided a better experience
per year is the money left on the table by companies who fail to provide simple experiences to their customers

The answer

Own your market and compete 
as a world class exchange

Own your customer experience

Let them deposit funds how they want to.

Gain more users

Adopt more payment rails, stay competitive, and earn more business.

Keep customers 
coming back

Improve platform stickiness through higher acceptance rates and make it easy for repeat deposits.

How we do it


Support larger deposits

ACH that's actually easy for customers and Powerful for businesses to customize.

Accept cards & broaden your reach

Get customers from over 200 countries by accepting credit and debit cards.

Payments settle in USDC

Forget about having to create fiat accounts for each customer, instead utilize Circle to settle traditional transactions in USDC and simplify your business.

What our customers are saying

“Circle APIs give us a fast, reliable and trusted infrastructure for connecting customer bank transfers to our new retail products and with seamless settlement into USDC across Ethereum and Solana, FTX has the ability to offer the fastest possible experience for crypto investors.”
Sam Bankman-Fried, Founder and CEO of FTX

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