The most trusted stablecoin wallets API

Reliable, scalable and intuitive USD Coin (USDC) infrastructure and wallet APIs for your product.

Secure, trusted & flexible USDC wallets infrastructure

As one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency companies, security is a top priority. Since 2014, we’ve scaled to more than 500 million wallet transactions with infrastructure built to support Circle and our customers.
crypto payments

Accept crypto payments

Accept and make USDC payments globally for cheap and near instant settlement with no bank or middleman required.

Programmable money on public chains

Combine and automate the use of digital dollars with public blockchains and smart contracts, unlock new applications and businesses such as lending, payments, payroll, crowdfunding and more by combining our APIs with Ethereum smart contracts and protocols.

Automate USDC treasury accounts

Easily create multiple sub account wallets to optimize your business workflows for fast and transparent access by different customers, partners, stakeholders, divisions or product-lines.

We’ve scaled to big heights

Circle APIs are built on established infrastructure used to power six years of Circle’s payments and crypto products.
Safely secured $5+ billion dollars of crypto currency under custody
Processing $250 billion across 500 million transactions
Serving more than 8 million customers including over 1k corporate and institutional accounts from over 150+ countries

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Stablecoin settled payments
Allow your customers to pay or deposit using a debit or credit card with all transactions setting quickly.
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