Empower your business to fight fraud

We give you intelligent self-service tools to help manage fraud in your business when accepting card and ACH payments with Circle.

Why Circle?


Drive usage & revenue

Take steps to protect yourself from fraud and increase authorization rates on every card and ACH payment.


Minimize losses 
due to chargebacks

Flexible and custom tools to block transactions based on a wide variety of conditions and criteria.


Completely own your 
user experience

No third party UX flows, imposed thresholds or limits on card transactions.

Take control with Watchlists

Set robust and precise rules to block and allow certain transactions directly via your Circle Account dashboard. Create “Block” and “Allow” lists based on a variety of conditions, including:

  • Card types
  • Issuing or billing country
  • Email domains
  • Issuer identification number
  • Phone numbers

By managing these Watchlists via the Circle Account dashboard, you can save time, minimize losses, and protect your business. Proactive fraud management helps organizations of all sizes stay ahead of threats and build new muscle internally.

What is the Circle Account dashboard?

The Circle Account dashboard is an easy interface for API customers to view API activity and manage settings and tools like billing and fraud. Customers can track Payments and Payouts activity, create Watchlists and soon will be able to connect bank accounts and transfer funds in and out.

Comprehensive risk & fraud consultation

Baseline rules configurations are set with Circle’s risk team during onboarding prior to accepting your first payment.


On ramps in your crypto product

Old ways of combating fraud were never designed for modern crypto native businesses like exchanges, wallets and savings and payments apps. With our Payments API you can accept payments via credit or debit card natively in your product and leverage Circle’s strength of data and history of our 6+ years of and billions of dollars of processing card and bank payments for consumer crypto products.