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Press Release
June 25, 2024

Circle’s New Website Provides New Resource for USDC Information

Boston, MA – June 25, 2024 – Circle, a global financial technology firm and issuer of USDC, today launched, a dedicated website to educate USDC users and those interested in learning more about USDC and where to access it. The website also serves as a resource to access USDC reserve transparency and circulation information. 

Launched in 2018, USDC is a payment stablecoin that is redeemable 1:1 for US dollars, combining the strength, trust and network effects of the US dollar with the speed and efficiency of the open internet. Since its introduction, USDC has been used to settle more than $12 trillion in blockchain transactions around the world.

At launch, showcases the exchanges and blockchains where USDC is readily available for users whom Circle does not directly serve. Aimed at making sure that those interested in learning more about USDC have a specific reference point, provides a resource for informing end-users on what USDC is and where to find it.

As the website evolves, key features will include USDC-specific content and data from Circle, including an opportunity to learn about: 

  • Cross-Border Payments: How and where to send and receive USDC internationally via secure transactions that are near-instant and low-cost.
  • Dollar Access: How to access trusted digital dollars to store money. 

“There is a growing desire to use USDC as a means of moving trusted, secure digital dollars at internet speed for low-cost payments or 24/7 financial markets,” said Nikhil Chandhok, Chief Product Officer at Circle. “ is a starting point for these users, providing a new resource about USDC and how to access it.”

As the issuer of USDC, Circle provides the data and content for As a B2B business, the Circle website will continue to provide information about the company and remain tailored to the enterprise businesses, institutions and Web3 developers that it directly serves. USDC is not available directly through  

Visit today to explore USDC and the possibilities of unlocking digital dollars designed for everyone.