Jeremy Allaire


Jeremy is responsible for strategy, vision and operating execution at Circle. He brings more than two decades of experience building and leading global internet software platforms, including founder and CEO of Brightcove, technologist and entrepreneur in residence at General Catalyst, CTO of Macromedia, and co-founder and CTO of Allaire Corporation.

Written by Jeremy

Payment Stablecoins Support the Dollar and U.S. Economic Competitiveness

Executive Insights

The demand for secure dollars on the internet is growing. Payment stablecoin regulation can protect and foster U.S. dollar competitiveness. Learn more.

Uncharted | The Responsibility of Trust


As a regulated entity, Circle has built trust in USDC by balancing the ecosystem with active, global policy and regulatory engagement. Now we take that trust to Washington and focus on major policy issues tied to financial privacy. 

A Letter from our CEO | Circle’s Strength, Stability & Transparency

Trust & Transparency

Circle’s position is stronger than ever, and we’re investing for the long term while remaining committed to building trust and providing transparency.