Circle Welcomes Flavia Naves as General Counsel

Circle Welcomes Flavia Naves as General Counsel

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Rapid growth in the adoption of USDC and Circle Platform Services has fuelled continued growth in the Circle team. As USDC moves into becoming a more mainstream infrastructure for money and payments in the financial system, we sought to find a new legal and regulatory leader for Circle who shared our mission, vision and values, and brought deep industry experience in payments and working with businesses of all sizes.
With this backdrop, we are very excited to welcome Flavia Naves as our General Counsel and the newest member of the executive leadership team at Circle. Flavia brings more than 15 years of industry experience with roles including in-house counsel, Chief Compliance Officer, and General Counsel for wide-ranging technology, payments and fintech companies.
Flavia brings decades of experience with legal and regulatory-facing roles at WorldPay, one of the largest payments processors in the world, Intuit, working on global SMB payment solutions, and most recently, Qwil, an innovative SMB-focused instant lending and liquidity start-up. 
Flavia is also an expert in regulatory matters in the US payments industry. She has served on the advisory board for the Conference of State Bank Supervisors and has contributed to the Federal Reserve's Faster Payments Task Force. As the role of stablecoins expands from the early stages of crypto markets and into being a mainstream payment infrastructure, Flavia will play an important role in working with state and federal regulators who are becoming much more engaged in the rules and guidance around mainstream adoption of digital currency.
Welcome Flavia! 
Jeremy Allaire

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