Circle Welcomes Dante Disparte as Chief Strategy Officer & Head of Global Policy for Circle

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Since our inception in 2013, Circle has relentlessly pursued an approach of constructive engagement with policy makers and regulators around the world. Our mission and vision of a more open, global and inclusive economic system built on the innovation of digital currency and blockchains has always been informed by a belief that such a new system would involve significant education and work with policy makers everywhere.

So much has changed since our founding, but this first principle remains as important as ever — surging mainstream interest and acceptance of crypto currency, digital assets and blockchain infrastructure is putting this technology at the front and center of policy and regulatory issues, and are increasingly core to the future functioning of the global economic system.  

Against this backdrop, Circle itself is going through tremendous growth — we’re adding hundreds of new employees, scaling up our operations around the world, and building on the incredible momentum that we have with USDC, the fastest growing dollar digital currency in the world. Thousands of companies now depend on Circle services to power digital dollar markets, payments, savings, lending, content and commerce applications.  

The standards that we’ve helped bring into the world are taking on a new life, as dollar stablecoins become one of the most critical new infrastructures of the internet and commerce.  This technical innovation converges with heightened regulatory and policy maker focus.

It’s with this backdrop that I am thrilled to welcome Dante Disparte as Circle’s Chief Strategy Officer and Head of Global Policy. Dante brings decades of experience working on complex global financial and risk issues, and most recently served as Executive Vice President at Diem Association, spearheading engagement and communications with government and financial industry leaders around the world on the issues and opportunities presented by stablecoins and digital currency.

From the first time I met Dante, he struck me as one of the smartest, most articulate and strongest strategic thinkers in the world on the economic, financial and policy issues surrounding global adoption of digital currency. With great passion, and a deep sense of mission for what this technology can do to transform the world, I immediately saw in Dante the presence and energy of someone who was clearly an agent of change.

As Circle embarks on an ambitious global expansion effort, and as stablecoins, digital assets and public blockchains become critical global infrastructure, Dante will help drive global strategy for Circle, and manage and lead our global initiatives to help shape policy and engage and collaborate with industry and public sector leaders around the world.

Dante is prolific, and begins his role with Circle sharing his initial thoughts on the opportunity that stands in front of us.

Please join me in welcoming Dante to the Circle team!

Jeremy Allaire

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