Circle Welcomes Jeremy Fox-Geen as Chief Financial Officer

Circle Welcomes Jeremy Fox-Geen as Chief Financial Officer

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Over the past year, Circle has undergone significant growth; we’ve more than tripled the size of our team, launched many new products, and have supported the continued exponential growth in USDC, with 30x growth in the past 12 months to now well over 15 billion USDC in circulation.

In many ways, the growth in and use of Circle’s platform in 2021 represents the realization of some of our earliest ideas at Circle — the idea that we could see an open protocol layer for money on the internet, a world that would enable instant, nearly free, globally accessible and interoperable value exchange.  We continue to inch closer and closer to a full realization of that dream.

Circle is at a pivotal moment, and we are seizing it by continuing to scale and invest in the people and technology that will drive 10x growth in the coming years.  Specifically, scaling our financial operations, our access to and effective use of capital, and supporting the strategic financial and operating decisions we have as a company has created the opportunity to bring in a world-class Chief Financial Officer.


Today, we are excited to welcome Jeremy Fox-Geen as Circle’s newly appointed Chief Financial Officer.  Jeremy brings exceptional skills, intelligence and alignment with Circle’s core mission and values. He has decades of experience as a strategist, operator and financial executive supporting and leading world class companies in the financial services industry.

Jeremy began his career as an investment banker in London working for storied UK firms Flemings and Rothschild, advising high-growth internet and technology firms on M&A, corporate finance and capital markets transactions. Jeremy then went on to McKinsey & Company, the management consulting firm, where he was a leader in the Financial Services practice, helping senior executives at a broad array of financial services firms design and execute growth and transformation strategies. Providing similar leadership skills to Citi, and then PwC, Jeremy became a critical advisor around growth, finance, operations, digital strategy and risk management for leading financial firms.

Jeremy then became a CFO, first with McKinsey & Co, North America, and most recently with Safehold and iStar, two publicly traded companies innovating in high-growth real estate finance.

An exceptional person, leader and strategic thinker, Jeremy will partner closely with the Circle team as we chart a path for very significant growth in the coming years and decades ahead.

It’s a great privilege to welcome (another) Jeremy to Circle!


Jeremy Allaire

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