How to Build User-Controlled Web3 Wallets with Circle’s Wallet-as-a-Service Platform

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In this interactive tutorial of our wallet-as-a-service platform, Programmable Wallets, Circle Senior Developer Relations Specialist, Blessings Adesiji, walks you through the process of creating a user-controlled Web3 wallet. By the end of the video, you will understand:

  • How to create a user
  • How to set up pin codes
  • How to add security questions
  • How to use smart contract wallet

This 15-minute video will teach you how to build with our wallet-as-a-service tools and Smart Contract Platform, and create gasless transactions. These powerful instruments empower developers from various backgrounds, whether you're a seasoned blockchain native or just starting your journey into Web3. Watch this guided tutorial tailored for user-controlled wallets using Circle Console.

What is a User-Controlled Web3 Wallet?

This is a type of programmable wallet infrastructure model in which the app users are granted full autonomy, enabling them to have complete control over their Web3 wallets. By setting a unique PIN code, your app’s users gain complete sovereignty over their wallets, ensuring their assets are secure. This empowers the user, as only operations that are authorized by entering their PIN can be initiated, drastically reducing the risk of tampering.


The step-by-step video guide includes the following:

  1. Introduction to Circle’s wallet-as-a-service platform and user-controlled Web3 wallets
  2. Generating an API key in Circle’s Web3 Services Console
  3. Acquiring an app ID
  4. Creating and initializing a user
  5. Checking the wallet status
  6. Initiating a transaction
  7. Validating a transaction

For a lengthier, more detailed walkthrough, check out our Interactive Quickstart Guide for User-Controlled Programmable Wallets.

Get Started Building User-Controlled Web3 Wallets

Empower your users with the enhanced security and control a user-controlled web3 wallet offers. 

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