Circle Ventures Expands Commitment to Support U.S. Digital Asset Exchange Ecosystem

Circle Ventures

In November 2021, we introduced Circle Ventures, our program to invest in the crypto and Web3 ecosystem, supporting a wide range of companies and projects that are driving adoption and creating growth opportunities for USD Coin (USDC). Since its launch, Circle Ventures has supported more than 45 teams building exciting projects across DeFi, CeFi, NFTs, DAO tooling, blockchain gaming, payments, and other core innovations driving crypto and Web3.

One area of focus has been supporting the growth of core digital asset exchange markets here in the United States, where Circle has now become an investor and shareholder in Binance.US, Coinbase, FTX.US, and Kraken. Growth of high-quality, regulated digital asset markets in the U.S. is good for the crypto economy, and important in growing the role of stablecoins in commerce and finance more broadly.

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