USDC Ecosystem Spotlight: Bitfinex USD Coin Listing

Ecosystem Spotlight

Bitfinex, one of the largest crypto trading platforms in the world, announced that is has listed USD Coin (USDC), bringing the total number of crypto asset trading platforms USDC is available on to more than 35 globally.

Other crypto exchanges that recently announced USDC trading availability include: Bitfinance, BitMax, Fetch, Ethex, Ethfinex, Switcheo, and Tokenize Exchange.

These companies are among the 70 exchanges, protocols, platforms, applications, and wallets that have played a leading role in driving adoption of USDC. At the time of writing, USDC is a top 30 crypto asset by market cap, which approaches $180 million. You can see more USDC supporters here.

Separately, people interested in keeping up to date on USDC can do so via the Blockfolio mobile app. 'Watch' USDC on the app and you'll get updates directly about USDC.


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The CENTRE Consortium, a joint venture co-founded by Circle and Coinbase, introduced USDC to establish a standard for fiat on the internet and provides a governance framework and network for the global, mainstream adoption of asset-backed stablecoins.

Additionally, we’re announcing that the Circle USDC service now supports bank transfers in more than 75 countries, providing customers in those geographies with a transparent and reliable way to tokenize fiat currency as well as redeem USDC for US Dollars. To learn more about the supported countries please check this help center article.

You can learn more about USDC here, and tokenize or redeem USDC with both Circle and Coinbase.

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