Update: Poloniex introduces powerful new mobile trading experience

Poloniex’s more powerful version of its trading app—already available for Android—is now available for iOS, making it easy for you to slide, swipe, and see all the data points you need to successfully trade.

Update your app today or, if you don’t already have it, download the Poloniex app from Google Play here and the App Store here

One of the unique features is the ability to trade a percentage of an asset by simply moving a slider—there’s no pre-set percentages like most other apps. Instead, as you can see above, you can trade 5%, 17%, 68%, or any amount by simply moving your finger.

There’s a lot packed into each screen—real-time order books, market depth, balances, the last settled trade, and more. But we’re not stopping here. Because traders drove these enhancements we expect to continue to iterate to make the Poloniex app the most seamless mobile trading experience in crypto.


poloniex trading

We’d love to hear from you about other ways we can improve the app so please give us your feedback on Twitter!

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