Poloniex credits ETH holders with OMG

Poloniex credits ETH holders with OMG

Team Circle Team Circle November 29, 2018

On August 7th, 2017, the OmiseGO team announced its intention to distribute 5% of the total supply of OMG in a token airdrop to ETH holders. The airdrop was based on a snapshot of account balances on the Ethereum blockchain at block height 3988888, mined on July 7th, 2017 at 16:36 UTC. ETH holders with a balance greater than 0.1 ETH or more at that time were eligible for an allocation of OMG proportional to their ETH balance.

Poloniex is pleased to announce that we have credited our customers who held an ETH balance at block height 3988888 with their OMG. Specifically:

  • We calculated OMG allocation based on an ETH account balance database snapshot from July 7th, 2017 at 16:36 UTC.
  • ETH lenders won't* receive OMG.
  • The proportion of OMG to ETH works out to 0.075 OMG for each ETH held at the time of the snapshot.

*An original version of this blog accidentally said ETH lenders will receive OMG, which was an error.

Eligible customers will find that their allocation of OMG is now present in their OMG account balance. To view your assets, please visit the Balances page of your account.

The Poloniex Team


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