Global payments made easy: Facilitating international payments using Circle and USDC


Circle Payments enables businesses to accept and make global payments seamlessly over the Internet. Learn more about Circle Payments and how it can help your business.



Global Payments in the Connected Age

Dollar stablecoins enable anyone to send digital dollars across the globe. With the speed and efficiency of the Internet, stablecoins, such as USD Coin (USDC), will proliferate as use cases and supporting technologies continue to improve.

Circle’s solutions have garnered attention from every corner of the globe, with major industry players such as Visa now partnering with Circle to leverage USDC. 

In 2019, global payments revenues totaled just under $2 trillion, outperforming banking revenues. In 2020, the situation took a turn with the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic. Global payments revenues contracted around 22 percent in the first six months of 2020 as a result of lockdowns and de facto closed economies. 

Furthermore, cash usage is in decline, and our rapidly evolving globalized world of business requires robust, strong, and scalable technologies.

Through Circle, it is possible to exchange digital dollars around the world at near-instantaneous speed for a fraction of the cost compared to legacy payment rails. 

Whether you are processing remittance, business-to-business (B2B), or peer-to-peer (P2P) payments, Circle provides the tools for enterprises to build payments processing solutions to meet their every need.

We don't think there is any money to be made in payments anymore. The entire business model of extracting a toll or having time delays around the movement of value is going away completely.

—Jeremy Allaire, Circle CEO


Circle Payments: The Next Generation Payments Processing Solution

At its most basic, Circle Payments allows users to transact digital dollars from anywhere in the world, regardless of the user's native fiat currency. 

For example, if you sent USDC through Circle to a regular bank account in the United Kingdom, the transaction would settle as GBP. Conversely, if a person sends or purchases something from a Circle payments user in GBP, it would settle in USDC. 

International customers are able to make debit and credit card purchases in whatever currency, with the option to settle the USDC or fiat currency into a connected traditional bank account. 

Additionally, through Circle Payments, transactions can be automated at scale, meaning that users, such as treasuries, can control the flow of their funds.



For businesses around the world, this is a huge evolution away from the sluggish speeds and expense of legacy finance and banking. The modern world demands modern solutions that are flexible, scalable, affordable and in a sense, ready for global trade at a moment’s notice.


Circle Payments Use Cases

Now, let’s dive into three of the most impactful use cases for Circle Payments. 


Global payments processing

Circle improves upon existing financial systems whilst allowing for them to interact seamlessly with stablecoins. For businesses with a global reach, Circle Payments provides a smooth payments solution that allows for low-cost, borderless payments with near-instant settlement speeds. 


Accepting Payments

USDC payments through Circle are cheap, extraordinarily fast, and most importantly, they can be easily converted to fiat currency. Bank wires, ACH transfers, credit and debit cards, and Silvergate Network Exchange (SEN) payments can be accepted using Circle Payments.


Access to Cryptocurrency & Decentralized Applications (DApps)

By accessing USDC through Circle, you open the door to the brave new world of cryptoassets, blockchain applications, and decentralized finance. 

USDC can be transferred to any USDC wallet on cryptocurrency exchanges or decentralized finance apps, providing an on-ramp to the crypto capital markets. Thanks to the simplicity of Circle Payments, users who may not have previously accessed such platforms can do so now with confidence.


Circle Accounts and Payments: A Complete Solution for Digital Dollar Transactions




Payments are just one facet of the Circle ecosystem; Circle has developed a number of products that cover everything from e-commerce marketplaces to business-oriented dollar accounts. 

When paired with Circle Accounts, Circle Payments allows you to conduct a broad range of financial activities domestically or at an international scale. 

Blockchain technology is bringing drastic change to financial services. Circle gives businesses and financial companies the control and capability they need in the new era of digital finance.

The full suite of Circle products enables you to future-proof your payments infrastructure for the connected age. Click here to level up your payments infrastructure.



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