Circle Invest welcomes Basic Attention Token (BAT)

Today, we are welcoming our 12th crypto asset to Circle Invest! Basic Attention Token (BAT) can now be purchased individually or as part of a broader crypto portfolio in one tap using our “Buy the Market” feature.



Basic Attention Token was selected based on its potential to contribute meaningful innovation to the broader crypto ecosystem. As with all of our listings, we applied the Circle Asset Framework to make this determination.

Basic Attention Token aims to disrupt how online advertising works. BAT’s creators introduced the Brave browser, which anonymously monitors user web activity and allows them to pay publishers in BAT as they engage with content. In return, the Brave browser blocks all third party ads and web trackers. Eventually, the Brave browser will allow advertisers to pay users directly in BAT in exchange for viewing their ads. BAT’s creators also plan on making the token compatible with other popular web browsers.

Stay tuned for more crypto assets, and more collections on Circle Invest!

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