Circle APIs now Support ACH Payments and Payouts

Circle APIs now Support ACH Payments and Payouts

USDC Product Release Payments

ACH support enables customers to offer seamless bank transfers to and from USDC.


Circle APIs offer major payment rails like cards, wires and blockchain transfers — offering multiple ways for users to transfer money and transact with USDC, the world’s fastest growing dollar stablecoin. Today, Circle is adding ACH as a payment rail, with comprehensive support available across both Payments and Payouts products. Customers can enable their users to make and receive payments using ACH, with seamless conversions into and out of USDC.


Supporting transactions at any amount.


With the addition of ACH support in Circle APIs, customers will find a “happy medium” for processing transactions that sits between card payments, which can be expensive for larger transactions, and wires, which don’t always make sense for small transactions (and can be more cumbersome when managing transactions at scale).

To make connecting bank accounts and accepting ACH payments fast and easy,  we’ve forged a partnership with Plaid to enable quicker account verification: your customers can directly connect their banks (no account details are shared with Circle, or with our customers) and start moving funds. This process prevents common errors like mistyping bank accounts or routing numbers and ensures greater user security, while reducing fraud reversal risks. No digging around for numbers, no clunky codes, no switching between applications during the process. In short, Plaid makes it easy.

ACH payments automatically settle as USDC in your Circle Account, and payouts enable automatic conversion from USDC into ACH transfers. Combined with Circle Digital Dollar Account APIs, customers can build sophisticated treasury management and payments applications that also tap into the openness, global reach, and cost-efficiency of dollar stablecoins.

All of this is available within the same reliable Circle APIs. Access the Circle Sandbox to explore using ACH, and contact sales to get started.



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