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Move money globally with speed and ease

Operating seamlessly across a growing landscape of Web3 protocols can dramatically cut time to deal close — driving operational efficiency and a competitive edge. Maximize the potential of digital currency and harness near-instant cross-border transfers with Circle.


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Share of the world’s central banks considering digitizing their national currencies and payment rails1
Share of executives who say digital assets will be important to their industry within 2 years2

How we do it


USDC and Euro Coin

USDC is a digital dollar that’s available 24/7 and moves at internet speed. You can find it on some of the world’s most advanced blockchains, and it can always be exchanged 1:1 for U.S. Dollars. Euro Coin is designed for stability and is 100% backed by euros held in euro-denominated banking accounts, and is always redeemable 1:1 for euros.

Enterprise-grade custody

Circle Custody offers best-in-class security standards and non-custodial vaults compatible with hundreds of cryptocurrencies so you can spend more time researching prospects and serving customers. Permission-controlled user roles, workflow approvals and transaction audit logs help streamline operations and increase efficiency.


Circle Ventures

Circle Ventures forms early-stage partnerships with companies who want to build for the long term. Founders get access to much more than capital. We also deliver go-to-market strategy with our stablecoin infrastructure, expertise to help builders explore product synergies and collaboration with Circle, and access to our growing community of leading crypto founders, operators and investors.

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