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Move beyond borders

Digital currencies like USDC and Euro Coin are helping make business operations easier, faster and less expensive by using blockchain technology to move value around the world. With transactions that can settle in seconds, we’re helping asset managers be more competitive and get ahead of the curve in increasingly online, global markets.


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Share of the world’s central banks considering digitizing their national currencies and payment rails1
Share of executives who say digital assets will be important to their industry within 2 years2

How we do it


Robust digital asset management

As digital assets are integrated into the financial system, asset managers need enterprise-grade solutions for storing and managing their positions. Use Multi-Party Computation (MPC) Vaults to generate non-custodial accounts compatible with more than 40 blockchains and over 200 cryptocurrencies plus enhance security with permission-controlled user roles and workflow approvals.

Enterprise-grade security

Comprehensive security and technology risk management programs3 alongside robust enterprise-grade self-custody solutions for digital assets make Circle a leading partner for asset managers that want to engage with the emerging digital economy in a regulated and responsible way.

3. Comprehensive security controls based on NIST CSF and ISO 27002


Licensed and regulated around the world

Circle maintains licenses to operate as a U.S. money transmitter or its equivalent in the states and territories where such licenses are required. Circle is also a member of the TRUST network, a Travel Rule compliance solution. Circle holds an Electronic Money Issuer authorization with the U.K. Financial Conduct Authority and a Class F Digital Asset Business license with the Bermuda Monetary Authority. Circle has also received In-Principle Approval as a Major Payments Institution License holder from the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

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