Payments infrastructure for global 
marketplaces and platforms

Integrate with a set of building blocks and flexible APIs to build for any kind of multi-sided global platform. Circle’s powerful APIs enable facilitating transactions between buyers and sellers in your platform around the world.

How it works


Accept payments through Circle

Leverage a variety of different payment methods across traditional and digital dollar rails like USDC.


Payout recipients & sellers

Route funds, timed transfers and send programmatic payouts through traditional rails or leverage the global nature and near-instant settlement capabilities of USDC.


Onboard business sellers

Option for us to handle KYC and compliance requirements for business entities who sell on your platform.


Manage your platform

Report transactions across your platform and keep track of activity and participants.

Flexible Funds Routing

Control how funds 
flow in your platform

Facilitate payments from buyers and payout sellers on your platform. Offer direct settlement to seller accounts and many more flexible funds flows.


A global first platform for your international buyers and sellers

Your buyers and sellers come from many different countries and we can help through the power of digital dollars. Expand into new geographies by plugging your marketplace into Circle’s global transactional infrastructure.

shared payments information

Network effects built in

Share buyer payment details across sellers for a better user experience.


Embedded compliance 
& verification

We’ll onboard your businesses with our comprehensive Know Your Customer and compliance procedures.


Add a new revenue stream

As the marketplace owner, you can choose to collect a portion of sellers’ settled funds to diversify your business model**.


Developer-first tools

Integrating with Circle is not another legacy payment integration to your codebase, it’s re-imagined payments processing with the developer first in mind. Focus on building customer and product experiences with our production ready tools:


Get started in our sandbox

Build what’s next for payments, finance and internet commerce.


Read our API documentation

Build what’s next for payments, finance and internet commerce.

How Circle is used


On demand & delivery

Buyers can pay merchants, contractors, or any supplier within your marketplace, globally from day one.
Use Cases

Gaming, digital goods & content

Facilitate peer-to-peer payment and cash out activities for players, consumers and content creators.

customer highlight

Arcade City uses Circle for accepting card payments for riders as well as sending wire payouts to drivers and “guilds”. Our global-first platform native to USDC allows Arcade City to expand into new markets easily with one integration. 

Learn how to benefit from our payments 
& funds flow infrastructure

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*Please refer here for a full list of supported countries.
**Surcharges imposed by Customer are subject to applicable law