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Blog_w3s-octoberBuild faster and better on the blockchain with new Web3 Services tooling and learning resources introduced in October. Interactive quickstart guides will help you or your team quickly explore user-controlled wallets, Smart Contract Platform, CCTP and more, while Gas Station removes Web3 complexities for your users – helping you to deliver a seamless UX. Read on for the latest Web3 Services updates.

New additions

Sponsor your users' gas fees with Gas Station

Together with Programmable Wallets, you can deploy Web3 wallets and deliver gas-free transaction experiences. Gas Station abstracts away the complexities of gas fees for developers and end-users:

  • For Developers: Developers can sponsor gas fees on behalf of users by setting up the Gas Station with a few clicks. Fees can be subsidized with fiat payment via credit cards, so that the responsibility of sourcing and holding native tokens is removed from developers. Read our dev docs here.
  • For End-users: Users no longer need to go through hoops to source native tokens to interact with Web3 apps, removing one of the biggest frictions of transacting on-chain.

Uptime Metrics

Stay up-to-date on Web3 Services’ system health! Circle’s uptime metrics dashboard now includes the operational status of various Web3 Services APIs, including: Configurations, User-controlled wallets, Developer-controlled wallets, and Smart Contract Platform APIs, plus Developer Console status.

[Reminder] We’d like to remind accounts that have upgraded from testnet to mainnet that the Free Trial offered for Web3 Services’ launch period has now concluded. Please check your Billing configuration to ensure that your payment information is up-to-date.


Learn and build with Circle

We’re excited to share a series of learning resources– interactive quickstarts, blogs, and video walkthroughs–that will guide you through creating your first wallets and initiating transactions with Web3 Services:


Interactive Quickstart: User-controlled wallets

Kickstart your development journey with our new Interactive Quickstart on user-controlled wallets! User-controlled wallets provide your app’s users with the highest level of control over their transactions and assets by setting a unique PIN code as the authorization mechanism.

In under 60 minutes, this step-by-step guide can help you through the process of creating users, setting up wallets, and initiating a transaction–all with only a few lines of code. Walk away from this quickstart with executable code that you can take with you to deploy in your own environment!



Interactive Quickstart: Smart Contract Platform and CCTP

Start building your Web3 app that enables secure, efficient, and native USDC transfers across blockchains by integrating three of Circle’s offerings: Smart Contract Platform, Programmable Wallets, and the Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol.

This interactive quickstart will guide you through initiating a USDC transfer using CCTP from Ethereum (Goerli Testnet) to Avalanche (Fuji Testnet) using a Programmable Wallet. Leveraging these building blocks will help you create a blockchain-agnostic experience that enhances USDC liquidity and flexibility, and provides a frictionless UX for your app. Start building now!



Introducing the Future of Wallet Management with Developer-Controlled Wallets

Circle Engineer, Tobias Golbs, discusses the release of Circle’s new Developer learning portal. The first release focuses on “Introducing the Future of Wallet Management with Developer-controlled Wallets.”

Interactive Quickstart Guide for Circle's Developer-Controlled Programmable Wallets

Senior Developer Relations Specialist, Blessing Adesiji, walks through Circle’s interactive guide, which allows developers with minimum Web3 experience to explorethe steps to deploy and transact with their first developer-controlled wallet using Circle’s Web3 Services.

Leveraging Circle's Programmable Wallets for creating your first wallet and initiating your first transaction

Circle Product lead, Ian Lin, walks through User-Controlled Programmable Wallets, which includes how to configure and deploy your first wallet across multiple blockchains and make an initial transaction.


Live workshops

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Programmable Wallets and Smart Contract Platform application programming interfaces (“API”) are offered by Circle Technology Services, LLC (“CTS”). CTS is not a regulated financial services company and the APIs do not include financial, investment, tax, legal, regulatory, accounting, business, or other advice. For additional details, please click here to see the Circle Developer terms of service.

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