USDC Now Available on Celo

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We’re excited to announce that USDC is now available on Celo and accessible to developers and users – no bridging required. Circle Mint and its APIs now fully support USDC on Celo, making it easy to access USDC liquidity and benefit from Celo’s low-cost transactions that can settle in seconds.


About Celo

Celo is a mobile-first, EVM-compatible blockchain that’s built for the real world and designed for fast, low-cost payments worldwide. The Celo ecosystem has over 1,000 projects in more than 150 countries, who are committed to Celo’s mission of creating economic prosperity for all.


Why USDC on Celo

  • A global, mobile-first user base
  • An existing ecosystem of RWAs, including stablecoin use cases
  • A diverse network of fast-growing Apps & projects

USDC issued by Circle is native to Celo, joining the ecosystem's pioneering stablecoin use cases, including remittances, savings, lending, aid disbursement, peer-to-peer (P2P), and cross-border payments.


Global Dollar Access  

Circle’s mission to raise global economic prosperity through the frictionless exchange of value closely aligns with the mission of Celo’s global ecosystem. USDC supports regions of the world that are facing inflation by enabling access to digital dollars for a trusted, stable store of value.


USDC issued by Circle


Powering new use cases

Exchanges, digital wallets, institutional traders, and developers can access USDC on Celo via Circle Mint and its APIs for a number of use cases:


  • Making low-cost payments and remittances globally that can settle in seconds
  • 24/7 trading, borrowing, and lending on apps like Uniswap
  • Enable users to hold savings in digital dollars without needing a traditional bank account


Governance Proposal: Pay Gas Fees with USDC

One of Celo’s key features includes paying for network gas fees (i.e. transaction costs) with stablecoins for a familiar and frictionless payments experience. Recently, cLabs started a discussion on the Celo Forum to discuss enabling users to pay gas with USDC, and a formal proposal is expected to be voted on soon. 


Get started today

Businesses can readily access on/off-ramps for converting fiat currency to USDC on Celo by applying for a Circle Mint account.

Developers can start integrating with USDC on Celo with our developer docs – USDC is an open-source, permissionless protocol that anyone can build on.

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