USDC Stellar coming to Circle

USDC Stellar coming to Circle

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Today the Centre Consortium announced Stellar is becoming an Official Chain for USDC, bringing the world’s leading digital dollar stablecoin to Stellar’s established and proven blockchain ensuring a more open and interoperable standard for digital dollars on the internet. 
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Circle will support USDC Stellar across its suite of payments and infrastructure APIs and business account products by Q1 2021. Businesses leveraging USDC Stellar for payments, commerce and financial applications will have access to powerful APIs and financial accounts for connecting to cards and bank accounts, storing and managing digital currency wallets and managing on-chain activity for financial applications. 

The Stellar ecosystem has a long history of supporting and optimizing for payment related use cases. The ecosystem includes a global network of hundreds of exchanges and wallets that support payments and on and off ramp use cases, thrives on a robust community of developers, including community efforts building to their wallet interoperability standards. We’ve seen this community help advance financial inclusion and drive adoption of blockchain technology across all over the world but particularly in Emerging Markets in Latin American and Africa. We are very excited to be able to support businesses and developers in building these financial inclusion solutions through USDC on Stellar in our platform.

We encourage Stellar developers to reach out to us to learn more about our products and how USDC Stellar can help advance the mission of creating equitable access to the financial system.


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