USDC for Algorand in Circle APIs

USDC Multi-Chain Company Stablecoins Developer

USDC for Algorand is woven into Circle’s full suite of APIs, including Circle Payments, Wallets, Marketplaces and Business Accounts APIs starting today. Developers leveraging Algorand for payments, commerce and financial applications now have access to powerful APIs for connecting to banks and cards, storing and managing digital currency wallets, and building custom financial applications. 


As part of the launch, developers can now also nearly instantly swap USDC across Ethereum and Algorand using our APIs that enable cross-chain transfers. Existing Circle API customers can enjoy this feature today included in their plan. Take a look at our quickstart guide for how to get started.

Within the next few weeks, we will be rolling out the ability to swap USDC across different chains through our Circle Business Account as well, enabling more use cases for sending digital dollars with improved speed, cost and efficiency.

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