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The power of USDC brought to multiple blockchains

The power of USDC brought to multiple blockchains

Joao Reginatto Joao Reginatto November 10, 2020

In recent weeks, Centre Consortium has announced official new chains for USDC, bringing the ultimate standard of digital dollars to new blockchains and developer ecosystems. Developers are now empowered to take advantage of the speed, scalability and cost-efficiency provided by 3rd generation public chains, as well as the robust ecosystems built on top of them. 




Circle’s products and APIs are part of the full stack solution and innovation happening in public blockchain infrastructure — whether it be in transaction scaling and throughput, or features specific to key use-cases such as financial applications, gaming and commerce, developers and businesses need intuitive tools to build upon payments, commerce and financial use cases using USDC on public chains. 

Multichain USDC is native to all of Circle’s products across payment acceptance, global payouts, custody and digital dollar accounts infrastructure. Developers can now take USDC implementations a step further by enabling compatibility with protocols optimized for specific use cases on officially supported chains:



Decentralized finance. Currently supported via APIs and Circle Account.

USDC on Ethereum activity



Enterprise scale financial applications. Currently supported via APIs, support for Circle Account coming soon.

USDC on Algorand activity




DeFi, Decentralized Exchanges and Trading. Support for APIs and Circle Account coming by January 2021.

USDC on Solana activity



Financial inclusion. Support for APIs and Circle Account coming by February 2021.



spot_multichain-eth-algoCircle has also recently launched a new Multichain USDC Swap API for Authorized Developers and Distributors, a free service that allows wallets, exchanges and custodians to support nearly instant cross-chain swaps of USDC, allowing for more seamless customer experiences for sending and receiving USDC on multiple blockchains.


Stay tuned for more updates on how to access multichain USDC with Circle.



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