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Company Updates

New breakthroughs, new momentum, now Circle has a new look

Kristine MacAulay May 6, 2020

Today you’ll notice our sites, profiles, and platforms have a new icon. Right around the time...

June 24, 2020
USD Coin Comes to Algorand; Centre Announces Multi-Chain Framework 
March 10, 2020
Programmable Dollars for Your Internet Business
January 17, 2020
My Message at Davos: Support Global Stablecoins via Public/Private Partnership
December 17, 2019
Circle Organizes for Stablecoin Platform Focus in 2020
October 18, 2019
Poloniex to Spin Out of Circle
July 30, 2019
ICYMI: Circle CEO Urges Senators to Create a National Framework for Digital Assets
July 22, 2019
Circle Expands International Offerings with New Bermuda Operations and Digital Assets Business License
June 28, 2019
VIDEO: Circle co-founders on the future of finance, the future of crypto, stablecoins, blockchain vs. the Internet, and much more
January 3, 2019
Circle 2018 accomplishments and 2019 themes