Poloniex enables Grin withdrawals, donates to Grin General Fund

Poloniex has enabled withdrawals for Grin and made its first monthlydonationof 1.27864 BTC to theGrin General Fund.



Grin is a community-driven cryptocurrency focused on privacy and scalability that leverages the MimbleWimble protocol. Poloniex was one of the earliest exchanges to list Grin, in February, and since then we’ve continued to see it progress.

First monthly donation

When we listed Grin, we pledged to provide a portion of our transaction fees to the Grin General Fund for a year—50% for the first month and 25% for the next 11 months. We are committed to providing monthly donations because we believe in supporting crypto projects which encourage distributed voluntary development and fair, decentralized methods of token distribution.

We hope to see these funds support ongoing security audits, developer campaigns, bug bounties, open-source development, and general endeavors that strengthen the Grin ecosystem. This program will be reassessed after 12 months.

Grin is just one asset that represents our dedication to moving the crypto space forward. You can expect more from us in the weeks and months ahead—more improvements to simplify the customer onboarding experience, more assets that provide a meaningful contribution to the crypto ecosystem, and more features that make Poloniex easy and fun to use.

For a more detailed FAQ about Grin, please go here.

If you have questions about what criteria we use to list an asset, please review our Circle Asset Framework. As we start to announce new assets and features, we’d love to hear from you. If you have a suggestion for a new feature, use this form. If you have a suggestion for a new asset, use this form.

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