Introducing Global Payouts

Introducing Global Payouts

Product Release Payments

We’ve rolled out the ability to send payouts in local currency to sellers, freelancers, or any service providers for your business programmatically to 80+ countries through our Payments API.

circle payouts

Up until now you could send digital dollars in 150+ countries to pay your suppliers and your end customers through on-chain USDC transactions via our Wallets API. Now you can also send payouts in local currency and automate all your payout workflows by handling the complexity of sending either digital dollars or local currency with one integration.

Your sellers and suppliers can in turn receive local fiat currency, or alternatively hold USDC and sign-up with dozens of wallets and exchanges that enable use of USDC for payments, as well as conversion and redemption of USDC for local currencies. Your suppliers can sign up for a Circle Business Account themselves to benefit from this way of getting paid. 

Whether you fund your payouts using payments accepted with Circle or directly from your Circle Business Account balance, you can use our infrastructure to automate your payout workflows and customize the payout user experience for your platform. 

What's new

Through our Payments API, you will be able to to:

  1. Accept payments through our APIs or fund your Circle Business Account directly via your bank account
  2. Link bank accounts you will send the payouts to
  3. Send the payout to a linked bank account via bank wire transfer

Circle APIs give businesses very powerful and new methods for payouts that were never possible before, like sending USDC to people all around the world near instantly, with low cost, high security and irreversibility.

For global business, expanding into new geos means integrating with many local payment processors, and paying various stakeholders in those markets.

Enabling a very long tail of sellers and suppliers with payouts on a global basis is difficult, with payment and payout options limited beyond major countries.

Our payouts capabilities lets you pay out funds both in digital dollars like USDC or via the traditional banking system, on an individual or mass payout basis, giving you the flexibility and customization needed on cost and speed. 

Start building sample flows by using our Sandbox, or reach out to our Sales team to learn more about pricing.


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