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FTX Extends Global Partnership with Circle For Comprehensive Fiat Account Funding

FTX Extends Global Partnership with Circle For Comprehensive Fiat Account Funding

Jeremy Allaire Jeremy Allaire May 14, 2021

Today, we’re excited to announce FTX and Circle are extending our partnership, with FTX introducing card-based funding for FTX and Blockfolio customer accounts,  existing ACH and wire transfer deposits. Built on Circle APIs, Blockfolio and FTX customers can deposit fiat currency using a credit or debit card to their online accounts with instant settlement in USD Coin (USDC), available for crypto trading and payments on the world’s fastest-growing crypto exchange.

With these launches, FTX and Blockfolio offers one of the most comprehensive fiat-to-crypto experiences in the industry, with card-based account funding now available for customers in nearly 200 countries worldwide. Additionally, USDC can be utilized on FTX and Blockfolio  on both the Ethereum and Solana networks, offering the high-speed and inexpensive on-chain USDC payments and settlement.

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“FTX continues to impress the world with blazing fast execution and innovation, making it among the most formidable companies in the global crypto ecosystem,” Circle Co-founder and CEO Jeremy Allaire said. “With our latest collaboration, we’re continuing to enhance customer experience for payments and crypto trading, and we are thrilled to continue to build together with Sam and the FTX team.”

FTX was founded in 2017 as an exchange for traders, by traders, and has since grown to accommodate hundreds of billions of dollars in annual trading volume. FTX also leads the way in introducing novel financial products to the crypto trading industry, including perpetual and futures contracts, synthetic equity tokens, and prediction markets based on real-world events.

"Circle has been a pioneer in making fiat work on blockchains for nearly eight years and has built deep capabilities to ease payments in crypto," FTX co-founder and CEO Sam Bankman-Fried said. "Circle is moving with incredible speed. FTX is one of the fastest growing crypto exchanges in the world. With Circle, we've found a very strong partner to build with."

As the fastest-growing, fully reserved and regulated dollar digital currency, USDC was a natural fit for FTX and Blockfolio platforms, offering near-instant settlement, multichain compatibility, and blockchain-based security that can’t be matched by traditional financial technology configurations. USDC is being adopted at an unprecedented pace, with annualized market cap growth of more than 700% in 2021. Circle infrastructure is powering comprehensive payment solutions for FTX and Blockfolio customers, and we’re thrilled to partner with some of the most recognized and respected businesses in the crypto industry.

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