EURC on Avalanche: Expanding Access to the Euro

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Euro Coin, or EURC, launched on Ethereum in 2022 to provide businesses and developers with a fully reserved, euro-backed stablecoin they can trust. Euro Coin helps unlock new opportunities for global commerce, faster and more efficient FX, and greater access to the euro around the world.

Today, we’re bringing Euro Coin natively to Avalanche, which now makes Euro Coin the latest Circle-issued stablecoin to go multi-chain. EURC on Avalanche is now available to efficiently send, spend, save, lend and borrow in the innovative Avalanche ecosystem. Developers can benefit from building with a trusted, euro-backed stablecoin that’s native to the Avalanche network, enabling both new and existing apps to provide optionality for users to transact in euros on-chain.

Circle offers access to EURC on Avalanche liquidity for qualified businesses with a Circle Account. The Circle Account and Circle APIs also make it easy to swap Euro Coin natively between Ethereum and Avalanche.


Building with Euro Coin on Avalanche

Avalanche is an eco-friendly, decentralized smart contracts platform driving some of the most important projects across DeFi, NFTs, gaming, institutions, enterprises and dev tooling. Since launching in September 2020, Avalanche has become one of the fastest-growing ecosystems in Web3, with over 8 million active wallet addresses1. Avalanche is compatible with Ethereum smart contracts and tooling, which enables Ethereum users and developers to quickly access and launch high-performance decentralized apps. Transactions on Avalanche are executed with low fees and near-instant settlement finality.

The Avalanche developer ecosystem continues to expand, and apps on Avalanche currently secure more than $760M in Total Value Locked (TVL) as of May 15, 20232. Businesses looking for faster, more efficient transactions can now choose EURC on Avalanche for digital asset trading and cross-border payments – making it easy to serve customers around the world.


Powering new use cases

Exchanges, fintechs, institutional traders, and developers can use EURC on Avalanche via the Circle Account and Circle APIs for a number of use cases:


Get started today

Qualified businesses can access EURC on Avalanche liquidity by opening a Circle Account and contacting their account manager.


1 Accessed May 15, 2023.

2, Accessed May 15, 2023.

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