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Crypto highlights from 2016–2018

Team Circle Team Circle August 16, 2018

We've been pretty busy changing the global economy. Check out highlights from recent events and press coverage, and see some of the most influential people in crypto discuss the future of crypto assets, blockchain technology, tokenization and how Circle's shaping the world for the better.

June 13 2018
The Tokenization of Everything, MoneyConf Dublin
Our CEO and co-founder Jeremy Allaire presents on the main stage at MoneyConf in Dublin. Starting with what crypto and the blockchain is, and the basics of classifying crypto assets and their utilisation, Jeremy goes on to discuss the concept of tokenization and how this will change the future economy, regulatory landscape and the impact this will have on all levels of society at a global level.

June 13 2018
Trading for tomorrow: Reconstructing payments with crypto, MoneyConf Dublin
Our President and Co-founder Sean Neville joins John Fraher from Bloomberg in a fireside chat at MoneyConf in Dublin, talking about crypto, stablecoins, regulation and how Circle is changing the shape of money.

June 11 2018
The Future of Money, VoxPro Dublin
Voxpro presents the Future of Money with Jeremy Allaire, in a series of presentations and panels held at their headquarters. Jeremy joins David Schwartz, Chief Cryptographer of Ripple at 11:00, in a panel moderated by Robert Hackett, Journalist from Fortune Magazine; and talks about crypto, Circle, regulation, and how Circle is making money work the way the internet does.

June 10 2018
Why Crypto will be Bigger than the Web - Unchained
Our founders Jeremy Allaire and Sean Neville talk about Circle’s launch of its own stablecoin, USDC, the tokenization of all assets and how the internet of value will be bigger than the internet of information. They discuss Circle’s current products and why the assets for Circle Invest were chosen as well as their relationship with the SEC and Bitmain.

May 18 2018
Dollar Token is Future Internet of Money, Bloomberg TV
Sean Neville goes live on Bloomberg TV with Caroline Hyde to discuss Circle’s announcement of the US dollar token and how stablecoins will affect the crypto market and fit into Circle’s wider vision.

April 26 2018
Circle's Founders in Fireside Chat, (Off) The Chain Summit Boston

Sean Neville and Jeremy Allaire take part in a fireside chat with Jamie Goldstein, Founder & Partner of Pillar at (Off) The Chain Summit in Boston, to discuss their journey in becoming entrepreneurs, how blockchain technology is redefining the economic system through tokenization, and what Circle is doing to achieve this vision.

March 14 2018
Circle's CEO on the company's growth strategy, CNBC
Jeremy Allaire goes on CNBC to announce the opening of Circle’s office in Hong Kong, commencing operations for Circle Trade in Asia.

January 19 2018
Circle Internet CEO Says Crypto Market Is Maturing, Bloomberg TV
Jeremy Allaire discusses volatility and regulation in the cryptocurrency market live on Bloomberg TV.

December 1 2017
Sean Neville, Coinscrum networking evening London
Sean Neville talks about Bitcoin, what its challenges are and how the technology that underlies it can benefit society.

November 28 2017
Bitcoin And Blockchain Are ‘Fundamental Breakthroughs’, CNBC
Jeremy goes on CNBC to help explain cryptocurrency and the future benefits to society of blockchain technology. He talks about cryptocurrency trading, what Circle is doing and the difference between bitcoin and ethereum.

September 18 2017
Circle Launches in France, The Family Paris
Jeremy Allaire and Sean Neville, cofounders of Circle, attend a fireside chat at The Family in Paris, hosted by Balthazar de Lavergne to launch Circle Pay in France. Hear them talk about the creation of Circle and their vision for the company, payments and regulation in the space.

September 18 2017
Bitcoin market ‘moving forward’ following China crackdown: Circle CEO, CNBC
Jeremy Allaire is on CNBC discussing the volatility of cryptocurrencies, the regulatory movement in China, and how crypto assets should be classified as digital commodities and used for their underlying technology rather than as a currency.

September 12 2017
Cryptocurrencies and ICOs, The Information’s Future of Finance New York
Sean Neville joins Andy Bromberg, Managing Director of Token Sales at AngelList, to discuss cryptocurrencies and ICOs with Jessica Lessin at The Information's The Future of Finance event in New York.

June 20 2017
Future of consumer banking, DLD Munich
Jeremy discusses the future of the mobile payments space based on how changing consumer behaviour and expectations around money sharing at DLD, and how it is impacting the way that banks, internet giants like Facebook, and startups like Circle are looking to build out their payment services.

September 30 2016
Building a Global Payments App, Consensus New York
Jeremy Allaire and Sean Neville join Pete Rizzo from CoinDesk on a fireside chat that explores topics ranging from structuring global-scale financial operations, to marketing to mainstream consumers and innovating on product. Our founders talk about how Circle is leveraging the bitcoin blockchain to enable people to share money globally.