Circle wins top honor for developer relations

Circle wins top honor for developer relations

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In the five years since its introduction, USDC has become a key component for driving the future of payments and digital financial innovation. In addition to issuing USDC - one of the most widely used, programmable digital dollars on the internet - Circle is also focused on providing trusted, robust blockchain infrastructure services for Web3 developers. This is a core pillar of our strategy to advance global, mainstream utility and adoption of digital assets like USDC and public blockchain-based payments. Circle’s Developer Relations program, or DevRel, is vital to this effort and we are proud that it’s been honored as the Best New DevRel Program of 2022 by DevRelCon.


The growth of Web3 inspires developers to build blockchain powered experiences that leverage tools like USDC and bring seamless customer experiences. Circle introduced its Developer Relations and Ecosystem team in 2022 to educate developers on the benefits of USDC, inspire new innovations, and build a community of minds that can help achieve global economic prosperity with less friction. 


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Since forming last year, the team has made deeper connections with the developer community and support their needs as they build the next wave of apps and experiences. Highlights of our first year included:


  • DevDay at Converge22: Constructing a DevDay at Converge22, Circle’s inaugural Web3 ecosystem conference, that included hands-on workshops, demos, and networking opportunities.

  • Going Global: Working with key partners in emerging markets like Singapore, Lagos and Nairobi to deliver in-person experiences through boot camps, hacker houses, hackathon series, and roadshows. 

  • Community: Establishing Circle’s Discord server as the place to be if you are looking to connect with other technical minds, learn about Circle’s developer resources, and stay up-to-date with the latest on Circle’s products. 

The themes of education, innovation, and community remain the core drivers for the team’s initiatives in 2023. So far this year, the team has conducted multiple hacker houses with key ecosystem partners including Solana and Polygon. We’ve also worked with regional organizations to help bring crypto education and financial literacy to young people. 


Emerging markets such as Latin America and Africa are key areas of focus for digital financial innovation. The team recently conducted a LATAM roadshow alongside Visa that brought together developers and Latin American-based companies to discuss the opportunities in the region. In Africa, we’ve participated in panel discussions and education programs to empower builders across the continent and boost financial inclusion around the world.  


Looking ahead, we’re excited to bring Web3 to more populations around the world and continue supporting the developer community. Learn more about how you can immediately start building with Circle today, and stay tuned for future updates on our lineup of developer resources and products.

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