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I'd like to share some exciting news from Circle about our growing team. As of this week, Paul Camp has joined Circle as our Chief Financial Officer, Corporate Treasurer, and EVP of Financial Operations. Paul joining Circle caps off an exceptionally strong year in building out the human capital at Circle—more on that below.

Paul brings nearly two decades of experience building and operating global payments businesses serving companies, consumers, and financial institutions all around the world. At Circle, Paul will act as the company’s Chief Financial Officer and will also manage core parts of our financial operations—operations at the center of enabling more frictionless use of digital currency products by our end customers. Paul’s exceptional global skill set and relationships will also be critical in the company’s continued global expansion.

Prior to joining Circle, Paul was the Managing Director and Global Head of JP Morgan Chase’s Transaction Services business, a $3.4B revenue global business providing treasury and payments infrastructure to financial institutions and corporations around the world. Prior to JP Morgan Chase, Paul served in a similar role for Deutsche Bank and helped turn DB into the #1 Euro settlement and payments platform in the world and a foundational counterparty to commercial banks globally who traded with companies and consumers in the newly formed Euro-based currency zone.

Paul is widely recognized as a leader in global finance, having been named one of the 100 most important leaders in global finance, among other awards and recognitions. A Dartmouth and Harvard graduate, McKinsey alum, and rising leader in finance and banking, Paul brings a great pedigree and skillset to Circle.

We’re really excited to have Paul join Sean and myself as part of the broader Circle team.

Speaking of which, Circle hasn’t just been releasing products and services in 2014; we’ve also been building out the broader organization. We’ve more than tripled in size this year, starting with 14 employees and growing to 50 by year’s end. We’ve expanded our operations on many fronts, including product development, systems & DevOps, risk, legal and compliance ops, security infrastructure, customer experience and support, treasury and trading operations, marketing and communications, and core office and human capital operations.

Sean and I both frequently comment that this is the best team we have ever worked with, which underscores how proud we are to be part of Circle.

With a rapidly growing team and a transformative market opportunity in front of us, we’re excited to enter 2015.


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