Circle Shares Dollar Digital Infrastructure Vision Across APAC



The dollar matters in Asia. Between 1999 and 2019, the US dollar comprised 74% of trade invoicing in APAC, according to Fed estimates. To keep it competitive in Asia and around the world, the U.S.needs to retain the dollar’s exceptional liquidity and stability while adding new forms of mobility. That’s the power that USDC unlocks. USDC takes the strength of the dollar and gives it the powers of the internet, enabling it to move as quickly and easily as a text message. As a fully-backed, transparent and regulated payment stablecoin, USDC can be a pillar of APAC’s thriving web and fintech ecosystem

This is the message that CEO Jeremy Allaire, COO Elisabeth Carpenter, and CTO Li Fan have been making across APAC. Their multi-week tour began with a major presence at “summer Davos” – the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting of the New Champions in Tianjin, China. Jeremy served as a Co-Chair of the prestigious gathering. In an opening press conference, he shared his optimistic views on entrepreneurship and how it serves as a driving force for global economic renewal.

Later, Jeremy was a featured speaker in a discussion titled “Paying, Frictionless.” He explained how open internet infrastructures can unlock new economic opportunities. “Payments are still trapped in a pre-internet era,” Allaire said, but we’re moving “to a world where we don’t think about sending a cross-border email and we won’t think about sending a cross-border payment. It will be instant, global, frictionless, and interoperable.” 

Elisabeth Carpenter also made a mark at the event, contributing a piece called “Why risk management is the key to responsible innovation” and speaking on a related panel about responsible disruption. 

“A key way we build trust is when we link innovations directly to solving real-world problems,” Elisabeth said. “ Innovation isn’t an end in itself. It’s a means to a better society for all stakeholders. At Circle, we're focused on solving real-world problems. Whether it's revolutionizing cross-border payments, dramatically lowering the cost of remittances, or powering traceable humanitarian aid to Ukraine, Circle is pioneering frictionless financial infrastructure.”

Together with Li Fan, Jeremy and Elisabeth shared Circle’s story with dozens of high-ranking business executives, government officials, and nonprofit leaders. They continued these conversations in Kyoto, Japan, home to the IVS Crypto conference. In a keynote fireside chat, Jeremy discussed the immense opportunities arising from rebuilding the global financial system on-chain. 

Circle executives are excited to continue the tour in Taipei and Hong Kong, where they’ll meet with developers, customers, journalists, and partners. These engagements reflect Circle’s confidence in APAC’s leadership in financial innovation and regulation. Stablecoins are poised to become a vital part of Asia’s financial infrastructure. And USDC is poised to transform the future of how value is exchanged.


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