Circle Pay Brings World's Fastest Bank Cash Outs to the US — For Free



You can now beam cash from Circle Pay to your U.S. debit card with zero waiting and zero fees.

Other payment services charge you for cashing out in seconds, but we think you should be able to withdraw your money without penalties. It’s your money, after all. So we didn’t just make it nearly instant. We made it free.

Money should work like any other kind of content online — instant, free, and global. Circle Pay works that way whether you send money to someone in the same room or whether you send or receive money that crosses borders and currencies. With Circle Pay, there’s zero mark-up on exchange rates, zero fees, and now zero waiting to get cash out and into your bank account.

How fast is it? In the U.S. as of today it usually takes seconds to cash out to your bank account with a linked debit card, and in the UK it is also very fast, usually within a few minutes. Of course, paying someone in the Circle Pay app, even across currencies, is instant — or just as fast as the speed of sending a text message.

To try it for yourself, tap ‘Banks’ and then ‘Cash out to your bank,’ type the amount, and voila!

If you don’t already have Circle Pay, you can download it from iTunes Store / Google Play Store.

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