Powering Web3 Rewards Programs with Branded NFTs



As the world becomes more digital, businesses and brands are exploring novel ways to stand out from the crowd and deliver tangible value to their customers. Loyalty programs have emerged as one path to increasing customer engagement and brand affinity; 78% of US consumers say good loyalty programs influence their purchase decisions or make them more likely to do business with a brand. As loyalty programs become more valuable for brand engagement, consumers are also being more thoughtful about which programs they choose to join. 

Web3 rewards programs that integrate NFTs are at the cutting edge of consumer outreach and engagement. NFTs and Web3 infrastructure unlock new activations for brands that can reach out and engage with customers in new ways, offering perks like unique experiences and exclusive content that can impress existing customers while attracting new business. Exploring NFT offers and Web3 rewards programs can be simplified by getting started with USDC and the Circle Account, which make digital dollar transactions easy for businesses and their customers.


Opportunities to Strengthen Brand Loyalty

Branded NFTs can be an opportunity to add exclusive value to holders with promotions like product giveaways. NFTs tied to tickets for an aviation film could grant access to a limited edition pair of sunglasses, for example, or a complimentary snack in theaters. Promotions like these unlock partnership opportunities between related brands that can increase affinity for both, and which can be more seamlessly facilitated using Web3 infrastructure compared to expensive ‘walled garden’ systems that restrict how customers can use their loyalty rewards.


Exclusive collectable branded NFTs can also help boost engagement by fostering a culture of collection and trading, allowing fans to focus on their favorite products or characters in  dynamic digital marketplaces. Branded NFTs that offer rare benefits like backstage access at events or annual meet-and-greet opportunities could drive additional value to the resale market while helping businesses identify their biggest supporters and connect with them more directly.


A stable foundation for Web3 rewards

Businesses that want to add value for their customers with new loyalty programs or branded NFTs will need to navigate the world of Web3. Getting started with a Circle Account and using USDC makes it easy to accept on-chain payments, pay suppliers or NFT artists and integrate seamlessly with NFT marketplaces. Using the Circle Account also simplifies moving value between different blockchain networks, so businesses have greater flexibility in choosing how to deploy their branded NFTs and can engage with more Web3 communities.


Leveraging a suite of Circle solutions along with USDC can be a source of new customers that haven’t engaged with your organization before. Loyal customers could be rewarded with cash-back USDC, ready to be spent at your digital storefront on payments that can settle in seconds, offering a new source of revenue. 


Using USDC can also expand your customer base to a global market using the same digital asset technology that allows your branded NFTs to be collected and enjoyed by consumers around the world.


Loyalty programs are evolving in a more digital world, and branded NFTs can play a key role in helping your business stand out from the crowd. Get a stable foundation in Web3 with USDC and solutions from Circle to help engage your customers more directly. Access a more global marketplace by contacting our sales team.

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