About Our Recent Website Outage

On Thursday January 17th, we experienced an outage from approximately 21:15 UTC to 22:45 UTC. A misconfiguration in one of our third-party provider's software systems caused a network issue. The issue has been resolved, and we have worked with our partner to ensure that it won't happen again. At no time were customer funds at risk.

We are aware that some customers experienced issues as we restored order books. We are investigating the affected accounts thoroughly. We have put safeguards in place to ensure that these issues will not recur, and are reaching out to the customers who were impacted.



We take these outages seriously, and we know that disruptions in trading are frustrating for our users. The stability and security of the exchange is our top priority. As we mentioned in December, we are upgrading to more scalable and resilient data centers. We will complete that upgrade in the coming weeks, and will continue to invest in improving the reliability and uptime of the exchange.

Thank you for your patience. Please reach out via our support page if you experience any further issues.

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