$10 to Spend for New Circle Customers

$10 to Spend for New Circle Customers

Team Circle Team Circle May 16, 2014

With digital money, you can instantly spend or send money with just the touch of a screen – without fees or delays. It’s hard to believe until you try it. That’s why we’re giving each of our new users $10 USD in bitcoin to spend. No special code or signup required; we’re just adding $10 worth of bitcoin to your account as soon as you join, instantly available to spend at a growing number of places. (Update: this promotion is subject to terms and conditions.)

If you’d like a night out, check out Yelp’s directory of restaurants that accept bitcoin – or just order delivery. You can book flights, buy NBA tickets, or schedule a trip to space (more than $10, unfortunately). You could also kick off a romance or buy a new tea kettle.

Looking for a curated shopping experience? Our friends at Square Market helped us put together a great list of things to buy under $10, all perfect for the summer.

If you’d like to share the benefits of digital money with others, you can send money just as easily as you can spend it. You can send money to others who have Circle accounts or anyone who has a Bitcoin address. We’re still invitation-only, but stay tuned – our numbers are growing quickly.

So what will you do with $10 to spend?

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