10 Highlights from the first 25 episodes of The Money Movement

The Money Movement

As we celebrate The Money Movement's 25th episode we decided to look back at some of the best guests, quotes, moments and episodes. Here's some of our favourites:



Episode 8: Around the world in 40 minutes.

Watch as Jeremy brings on guests as they transfer money all around the world, in under 40 minutes.


Episode 15: Digital Dollar Stablecoins in the US Financial System

Watch the discussion between Jeremy Allaire and Brian Brooks on digital dollar stablecoins and their role in the US financial system.



Episode 3: The Power of Programmable Money

In this episode we were joined by three highly innovative smart contract projects and explore the power of using 'lego bricks' for money in lending and borrowing, new innovative forms of paying employees and building support for decentralized payment escrow and arbitration.



Episode 18: Will Digital Dollar Stablecoins & CBDC Co-Exist?

In Episode 18, we're joined by Visa's Head of Crypto, Cuy Sheffield; Neha Narula, the Director of MIT's Digital Currency Initiative and Robert Bench, AVP at the Federal Reserve Bank in Boston to discuss digital dollars and CBDC.



Episode 17: USDC at 1 Billion, What’s Next

USDC has become the fastest growing stablecoin in history, seeing over 200% growth over the past six months alone, and has become a de facto standard as a trusted, compliant digital dollar format and protocol on blockchains. Watch episode 17 to find out what's next for USDC.




Brian Brooks on what the next 3 to 5 years have in store for banks, blockchains, and stablecoins.




Jeremy and Dan Matuszewski, Partner at CMS Holdings reflect back on the early days of crypto and Circle.



What role will USDC play in the Algorand ecosystem? Jeremy asks Algorand founder, MIT professor and Turing award winnger Silvio Micali.



Founder and CEO of Ripio Sebastian Serrano on what he sees for the future of adoption of stablecoins



Acting Comptroller of the Currency, OCC Brian Brooks on the ultimate public ownership of payment rails and decentralized finance


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